From the producers of NYXL’s hit Call of Duty League series No Pressure: NYSL comes a brand new series dedicated to another high-octane shooter — Valorant.

Rebuilt from the ground up in April, just before VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers, NYFU found themselves going up against incredibly tough opposition, including teams that had been together for months on end.

They may not have made it out of the qualifiers, but their journey is just beginning. New York never sleeps and neither does NYFU — it’s a grind to the top, and everyone on the team is laser-focused on honing their craft.

Where does the limit lie when you hire five explosive young guns, each the star of their previous teams, and enlist a retired Dota 2 pro as head coach?

This is their story. Episode 1 drops July 6 on YouTube.

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