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The AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 stands as the biggest event in the VCT offseason.

The competition is stacked with the best teams in the world, including Valorant Champions 2023 runner-up Paper Rex and Korean powerhouse squad DRX.

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Americans League fan favorite squad Sentinels and EMEA region standout Team Liquid will make their international LAN debuts with their new VCT 2024 rosters at AVL 2023.

The tournament is an early preview of what next year could look like and determine which team will stand above in the rankings.

What is AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023?

Paper Rex is seen at VALORANT Champions Los Angeles Grand Finals pre-tape at the Kia Forum on August 21, 2023 in Los Angeles, California
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
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AVL is Studio Afreeca Freecs’ original league, where pro teams from different regions battle it out to be the AVL champions.

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A total of eight teams from Korea, Malaysia/Singapore, EMEA, North America, China, Thailand, and Vietnam will be competing, and the matches will take place at Afreeca Colosseum in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea — the home arena of VCT Pacific.

The total prize pool of the tournament is US$80,000. The winner of the tournament will take home US$25,000.

AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 format

Team Liquid's starting roster for the VCT 2024 season
Credit: Team Liquid

The teams are divided into two groups and compete in a double-elimination bracket.

The top two teams with the best records from each group will advance to the playoff semifinals.

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All the matches will be best-of-three with a two-win format, except for the grand final, which is a best-of-five with a three-win format.

AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 group stage standings

DRX poses onstage after victory against Natus Vincere at VALORANT Champions Los Angeles Group Stage at the Shrine Expo Hall on August 7, 2023 in Los Angeles, California
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Group A

1stSentinels2 – 0
2ndPaper Rex2 – 1
3rdDRX1 – 2
4thFull Sense0 – 2

Group B

1stT12 – 0
2ndTeam Liquid2 – 1
3rdEdward Gaming1 – 2
4thFancy United Esports0 – 2

AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 schedule and results

AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 tournament schedule
Credit: AfreecaTV

The tournament will run from December 5 to 10.

December 5

Sentinels2 – 1Paper Rex
Full Sense1 – 2DRX

December 6

Fancy United Esports0 – 2Team Liquid
T12 – 0Edward Gaming
Sentinels' Valorant pro player Tyson "TenZ" Ngo at VCT Americas 2023 LCQ with text to an interview at AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
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December 7

Sentinels2 – 0DRX
Paper Rex2 – 0Full Sense
DRX0 – 2Paper Rex

Sentinels and Paper Rex advance to the playoffs. Full Sense and DRX are eliminated.

December 8

Team Liquid1 – 2T1
Fancy United Esports1 – 2Edward Gaming
Team Liquid2 – 0Edward Gaming

T1 and Team Liquid advance to the playoffs. Fancy United Esports and Edward Gaming have been eliminated.

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December 9

Sentinels2 – 1Team Liquid
T10 – 2Paper Rex

Sentinels and Paper Rex advance to the grand final. Team Liquid and T1 are eliminated.

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December 10

Sentinels3 – 0Paper Rex

AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 teams

AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023 competing teams
Credit: AfreecaTV
Paper RexPacific
Full SensePacific
Fancy United EsportsPacific
Team LiquidEMEA
Edward GamingChina

Where to watch AfreecaTV Valorant League 2023?

Zheng "ZmjjKK" Yongkang (L) and Wan "CHICHOO" Shunzhi of EDward Gaming react onstage after victory at VALORANT Masters Tokyo Group Stage at Tipstar Dome Chiba on June 13, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan
Credit: Riot Games

Fans can watch matches in various languages through different broadcasting platforms in AVL 2023. AfreecaTV will provide Korean, English, and Thai broadcasts, while Vietnamese co-streaming can be available on live channels. Chinese broadcasts will be accessible through Douyu.

VietnameseOn Live

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