I’m sure we’re all excited to try out Valorant’s upcoming duelist, Yoru. But before you queue for your next match once Episode 2 Act I is out, here are a few things you’re going to want to know about Yoru’s abilities.

Here are five interesting facts we’ve learned about how Yoru’s toolkit works against enemy agents:

1. Yoru versus Killjoy

First on our list is how Yoru’s abilities interact with Killjoy. If you plan to be a Yoru main, keep in mind that his Fakeout ability will trigger Killjoy’s Turret. This will make the enemy players think that their opponent is going for a flank push. Yoru’s Fakeout can also be used to bait Killjoy’s Alarmbot.

Aside from Fakeout, Yoru’s Dimensional Drift ultimate is also useful, especially for evading Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate.

2. Yoru versus Cypher

Similar to Killjoy, Yoru’s Fakeout will also trigger Cypher’s abilities. The fake footsteps will prompt Cypher’s Trapwire, but only if they’re low enough. Additionally, Fakeout makes the same sound as an agent going through a Cyber Cage. Yoru players will need to remember that if they plan to use Fakeout, Cypher’s Spycam will be able to spot the fake footsteps.

However, as explained in our comprehensive Yoru guide, Cypher’s Spycam, or any other agent ability that grants vision, will need to be within nearsighted range to spot the Gatecrash orb.

3. Yoru versus Raze

Interestingly enough, Raze’s Boombot will also chase after Yoru’s Fakeout ability. This mechanic alone makes us excited to see how Yoru stacks up against Raze in matches. For example, if Yoru is holding Hookah in Bind, he may counter the incoming Boombot lineup that most players use, to check if an enemy agent is holding Hookah. And since Yoru’s ability can be pre-placed, this becomes an interesting mind game between the two agents.

4. Yoru versus Sage

Some might be wondering if the Fakeout footsteps can go through Sage’s Barrier Orb wall. Well, the simple answer is: no, they will not. The Fakeout ability can’t go through any type of wall, and requires open ground to travel from point A to point B.

However, Yoru’s Gatecrash orb will always continue to move forward. So, if a player decides to throw it towards a Sage wall, all you need to do is break the wall and it will continue moving forward.

5. Yoru versus Sova

We’ve also tested Sova’s Owl Drone to see what abilities you can tag from Yoru’s toolkit. We were surprised that you can mark the Gatecrash orb if you manage to find it. However, you cannot tag Yoru with the Owl Drone or the Recon Bolt while he’s in his Dimensional Drift ultimate.

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