Having problems dealing with an Operator? Did you and your team try to rush a site only to be stopped dead in your tracks after hearing an Operator? Well, this is the guide for you.

An Operator is a high impact weapon that can easily devastate your team if placed in the right hands.

3. Use smokes and flashes

An operator is a high impact weapon that excels at long range.

Perhaps this one is obvious but the first way you should deal with an Operator user is to smoke them out. At the start of the round, Operator users usually position themselves in key locations like A-Heaven on Bind or Mid-Vent on Split.

This will force them to either reposition, wait out the smoke, or push past the smoke. Make sure you don’t just run in blindly, if your agent doesn’t have smokes, politely ask your teammates to smoke key locations.

Another way to get an operator to reposition is to flash them. Operators will always stay close to cover. So, if you flash them, they will drop their aim for a moment. Use this opportunity to get close, since an Operator has terrible no-scope accuracy. Make sure they’re not able to reset their position.

One thing to remember when either smoking or flashing is that some Operators will hold their ground and fire anyway if they can anticipate where you’re coming from. Try not to push from the same angle every round or delay your push slightly to throw them off their timing.

2. Approach from off-angles

You should basically never peek an Operator, even if your aim is feeling extra crispy that round. Even with an Operator of your own, it’s generally easier for the player holding the angle to land the shot than it is for the peeker.

Instead, you should always try to catch an Operator user by surprise by peeking off-angles that they don’t expect. If you know the enemy team has an Operator, always remember they’ll be aiming at entry points.

Omen is one of the best agents for this because you can use his teleport to surprise the Operator from different angles. Sometimes this is as simple as teleporting across the hallway and peeking from the other side of an entry.

1. Force them to play retake

Operators are usually used to stop pushes, which is why they’re great on the defender’s side.

Avoid the enemy Operator, and force him to try and retake the site. The Operator is one of the worst weapons for site retakes because it is extremely difficult for an operator to move forward and clear multiple corners of a site. This is why you’ll often see pros throw their Op and pick up a Phantom or Vandal instead, especially if they have to solo retake.

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