Bandai Namco’s latest fighting game title is introducing a new mechanic — by making sure fighters stay aggressive — that aims to enhance player and audience experience.

The Tekken 8 Heat System is unique and innovative, but a lot of players, even some pros, find it a bit too complicated.

In this guide, you will learn all there is to know about Heat System in Tekken 8, so that you can maximize its potential and be ready for the next battle.

What is the Tekken 8 Heat System?

Tekken 8 Heat System guide
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

The Heat System in Tekken 8 is a mechanic that, once activated, gives the player an opportunity to dictate the rhythm of the match. It gives an advantage to the attacker, and is based on the game’s concept of being “Aggressive”.

The user enters a state of enhancement, allowing them to use special moves and deal extra damage over a short period of time. The Heat Timer is represented by a gauge right below your character’s health gauge.

Tekken 8 Heat Timer
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

Heat can be activated once per round for 10 seconds. The Heat Timer stops when the opponent is hit or in a down state. If you play well, you can keep the state active for a long time.

How to activate Tekken 8 Heat System

How to activate Heat System in Tekken 8
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

There are two ways players can activate Heat. First is by using Heat Burst, and second is through the use of Heat Engagers.

Heat Burst

This is the generic way of activating Heat System in Tekken 8 as it is the same for all characters. This can be triggered by simultaneously pressing Right Punch and Left Kick (2+3).

  • Heat is activated with a slam attack.
  • It gives frame advantage on both hit and block.
  • It can be used to activate Heat during a combo.

Heat Engager

The command varies depending on the character. It is usually a move that, when it connects, sends the opponent flying across the screen. A good example would be King’s Elbow Impact (f+2,1).

  • Heat can only be activated if the move hits a standing opponent.
  • After the hit, the character runs towards the opponent and gains frame advantage.

What can you do during the Heat State?

Tekken 8 King
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

Heat Smash

This move consumes all remaining Heat energy to deal massive damage. Heat State ends when Heat Smash is used by pressing Right Punch and Left Kick (2+3).

Heat Dash

This move is activated by using a Heat Engager, while already in Heat State, and pressing Forward (f). Your character will dash towards the opponent, allowing you to extend your offense.

Enhanced moves

Attacks during Heat State cause recoverable damage even when guarded. Some moves are also given enhanced properties for additional offensive advantage, like Kazuya’s Illusive Demon (f,n,d,d/f+4,4).

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