Fighting game fans all over the world are excited for the release of the highly anticipated installment of Bandai Namco’s fighting game franchise, Tekken 8.

However, Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique thinks the game’s new mechanic make it a bit too complicated, even for pros.

The latest Tekken installment introduces the Heat System, a new feature that enhances character abilities, opens up options for offense, and makes the action as enticing as possible for both players and audiences.

The Heat System is somewhat similar to Claudio’s Rage Drive in Tekken 7. On block, the player gets plus frames when activated, putting the opponent in a fifty-fifty situation.

Arslan Ash’s honest opinion on the Tekken 8 Heat System

Arslan Ash says Tekken 8 Heat System is too complicated
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

In a recent interview with Ryan Hart during the Tekken 7 Nations Cup organized by Gamers8, the three-time EVO champion, together with other pro players Arja “Sephiblack” Gamoori, Raef “Raef” Alturkistani, and Hasan “JoKa” Rehman were asked about their Tekken 8 wishlist.

“No Akuma,” said Arslan right away, expressing his resentment towards the guest character from Street Fighter who has been a very dominant force in major tournaments. “Even if I play very good against Akuma, still Akuma. Nobody wants Akuma.”

The other players were quick to share his disdain towards the wielder of the Raging Demon and gave their own insights as well.

Arslan then gave his opinion about the new system that Tekken 8 introduces and how overwhelming it is to players.

“I think the new system is so confusing. Heat Engage, Heat flah-flah. It’s too much,” says Pakistani pro. “It’s too complicated.”

He also shared how he stuck to the traditional playstyle during the Closed Alpha Test. “I was playing the game, I didn’t try any Heat stuff. I think they should make it simpler.”

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