The 9.16 patch for Riot’s auto battler, Teamfight Tactics, adds a new origin and some new faces to the game.

The new Hextech origin includes four new champions: Camille (Blademaster), Vi (Brawler), Jayce (Shapeshifter), and Jinx (Gunslinger).

The Hextech origin bonus is a definite game-changer in the final rounds: With a full Hextech composition, you can throw a bomb at an enemy unit with an item, disabling all items in a 1/2 hex radius for eight seconds.

As for possible team compositions, the Hextechs may merge well with the Pirates, seeing as they both have blademasters and gunslingers. With the two origins, you can already fulfill the 2nd-level stack for gunslingers (Graves, Miss Fortune, Gangplank, and Jinx).

Aside from the Hextech addition, Riot tweaked some of its systems to enhance gameplay and user interface.

During matches, players will now experience URF Overtime mode. URF Overtime mode only occurs when PvP rounds pass 30 seconds. Once the mode activates, all active champions gain buffs such as 300% attack speed and 400% ability power. Although it may seem a bit excessive, Riot made the change to decrease the number of games ending in a draw.

Another change sees a significant decrease in repeated matchups with specific opponents. Riot saw these situations as unfair scenarios, which often led to rapid loss/win streaks.

As for the ranked system, watch out, because it will be a lot easier to de-rank in 9.16. You will now always face a demotion if you lose a match with 0 League points. As for Challenger and Grandmaster ranks, a demotion now drops you past the whole Master rank and into Diamond 1.

For more information on the 9.16 patch, you can check Riot’s official post here.

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