With a successful 9.14 patch update of Teamfight Tactics, Riot is already planning out its moves for the auto battler’s next substantial update, 9.15.

TFT’s lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer recently tweeted a few tidbits of information about the upcoming patch. The tweet also featured an elaborate infographic that highlights the patch changes.

Credit: Riot Mort Twitter

“Tentative 9.15 changes for TFT. As always, subject to change based on what we see over the weekend. Also worth noting we’re looking at Glacial/Demon, but wouldn’t ship anything until 9.16,” Mortdog stated in the tweet.

As for champions, we see Ashe, Karthus, Kindred, and Yasuo getting buffs for the next patch. Seeing that Karthus and Kindred are rare, yet essential picks for the Phantom origin, we may see more Phantom hybrid builds as the new meta.

The streak system is also getting a buff, meaning that players may get more gold in shorter streaks. The current streak system maxes out at eight wins/losses so a lower number for streaks may help players in maintaining their gold income.

The Guardian and Pirate traits are also getting improvements in the next patch. With only two guardians in the game right now, Riot may significantly increase their shield bonus to increase their viability in-game. As for the Pirate origin, we may receive a bigger bonus in terms of getting three pirates on the board. Riot may also change its unit requirements from the current 3 to 2/4 with the recent introduction of Twisted Fate.

Riot is planning to nerf Kennen for his usefulness in-game. With his very adaptable traits and unstoppable AoE stun, Riot may find ways to make the Yordle Ninja Elementalist a bit more tolerable in the next patch.

As for other nerfs, Ionic Spark is too powerful against spell-heavy champions like Sorcerors and Assassins so the item may experience a slight nerf. The Demon and Dragon origins are also essential picks right now due to their game-changing bonuses. Demons grant mana-burn while Dragons gain a lot of magic resistance so Riot might decrease their bonuses to keep the other traits useful in the meta.

The most significant changes that Mortdog mentioned are the potential reworks of certain traits. Knight, Noble, Void, and Ninja are all in line for a deep rework. Although Mortdog didn’t mention anything concrete about it, these reworks may change the whole meta of the game. To add on, the Assassin and Ninja traits are also going through some adjustments for the 9.15 update.

With all the information that Mortdog has provided, we may experience a whole new Teamfight Tactics in the coming weeks.

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