During the Capcom Pro Tour East Asia 2 online qualifier, FGC fans witnessed Street Fighter legend Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi showcase his new character, Urien in an all-important tournament where only one player from the hyper-competitive region would advance to Capcom Cup 2020.

In the winners’ semifinal, Tokido displayed his new and improved Urien when he faced surging Dhalsim specialist ITK. After taking a quick 2-0 lead against his opponent, Tokido was outmaneuvered in the corner. Right when Tokido went for a dive kick, however, ITK evaded it with a slide, which swapped both players’ positions.

In retaliation, Tokido decided to use his Aegis Reflector to protect himself and get out of the corner. This would prove futile though, as ITK is one of the best Dhalsim players in the world, and he knew trading Aegis Reflector hits with his own heavy normals would benefit him, which gave him the life lead.

Tokido only had a pixel of health left when ITK made his move, going for a fireball-teleport setup. But astonishingly, Tokido reacted to this.

First, he back dashed to make sure his crouching anti-air would hit. Then, right when the fireball was about to hit him, Tokido used an ex-Headbutt that went through it.

Tokido would then clutch out the final round and complete the 3-0 sweep against ITK to advance into the winners’ final. Unfortunately, Tokido lost to Tsunehiro “gachikun” Kanamori in a thrilling 3-2 set afterward.

Despite falling to Tokido, ITK, on the other hand, certainly made a name for himself during the East Asia 2 qualifier with his impeccable Dhalsim play. He even scored the most shocking upset when he swept, Keita “Fuudo” Ai, who most recently won the Japanese Esports Grand Prix.

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