Street Fighter legend, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, recently shared some interesting insights on his thought process when playing Street Fighter.

While streaming his online matches, Tokido revealed the strange method he often uses to “get better at games.”

At first, he was hesitant to share it, because he didn’t want anyone to copy him, but Tokido eventually revealed that he tries to imagine what other high-level pro players would do in certain situations during a match.

“Daigo Umehara is really good at strategy. Naoto “Sako” Sako is great with combo accuracy and execution. And you can raise Masahiro “Machabo” Tominaga’s anti-air reaction as an example, although this is a bit more specific,” said Tokido.

Tokido imagines himself as the players who are the best at certain aspects of the game.

He humbly noted, “To be honest, I don’t have anything I can claim to be best at in terms of factors in fight games. This is why I borrow good factors from many different players.” Tokido continued, “if you play fighting games from this perspective, I think everyone has a lot of things to learn from others.”

Tokido then shared two instances where Sako lost a tournament match after going for a difficult combo.

The first was when he tried to link an air-fireball into a Dragon Punch during a Capcom Pro Tour Season 2 tournament in China. The Dragon Punch missed, which led to Sako losing the match. “That left a huge impression on me,” shared Tokido.

The second time was during a Top 32 Winners’ Bracket match against Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi.

After reaching match point with a perfect in the previous round, Sako was about to advance to the Top 16. But he dropped an air-juggle combo, which lost him the round. Bonchan would eventually clutch out the match after an amazing final round. After the match, Tokido asked Sako about his missed combo and, instead of questioning his decision, Sako replied, “That’s definitely executable.” And this is the reason why Tokido won’t compromise.

Credit: FGC Translated

Tokido is a three-time Evo champion and is considered one of the five Japanese Gods of Fighting Games. He is also widely regarded as the best Akuma player in the world and is one of the most consistent players on the Capcom Pro Tour, so it is refreshing to see how humble Tokido remains, despite having achieved so much.

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