After the Paris map was added to Overwatch last year, players discovered that the pianos around the map are fully playable.

While most people just tinker with simple songs, one Reddit user has taken Overwatch piano playing to the next level with a complete cover of the trainer battle music from Pokémon Red/Blue using a Symmetra bot in Overwatch’s Workshop mode.

The creator, Wengzan, wrote a program that can convert MIDI files into settings that can be read by the Overwatch Workshop gamemode.

Any MIDI file can theoretically be played in-game, however, “the mode can only play up to 11 pitches at the same time and there’s a script size limit that most songs exceed after a few minutes,” explained Wengzan, so don’t get your hopes up for Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement.

If you want to try playing your own MIDI songs, you’ll need a song in MIDI format and Wengzan’s MIDI converter to turn it into Workshop settings.

You can then use this Workshop code to play the song: DZ372. Simply paste the converted song into the Workshop settings.

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