After doing the unthinkable and eliminating tournament favorites, South Korea, in the semifinals, it was smooth sailing for Team USA, who made quick work of China in the grand finals, with a dominating 3-0 victory.

USA were led by Overwatch League MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won and Washington Justice DPS, Corey “Corey” Nigra, the two players with amazing performances all weekend, and both had another standout series in the grand finals.

Map one — Ilios (Control)

Both teams started out with mirror Reaper/Doomfist comps on Lighthouse. USA managed to cap first but the point flipped back and forth several times. In the end, it was China’s Yi “JinMu” Hu and Ou “Eileen” Yiliang who made the big plays at the end, helping China take the point and the first round.

However, USA came back strong and pulled out a Bastion/Mei bunker comp on Ruins that China were completely unprepared for.

China managed to get themselves back into the round, and eventually forced USA off Bastion/Mei and back onto Reaper/Doomfist. In the last fight of the round, things were looking bad for USA when Luo “Elsa” Wenjie’s Sigma got a huge pick on Sinatraa before the fight even began, but China were unable to capitalize and USA managed to stabilize, thanks mostly to Indy “SPACE” Halpern taking out Eileen by himself.

Sinatraa managed to make it back to the point and together with Corey cleaned up the rest of China to take round two.

On Well, China decided to run a Phamercy comp with JinMu on Pharah, but he spent most of the round trying to land a huge Barrage, and ultimately didn’t make much of a difference. Corey’s Hanzo managed to keep JinMu in check and USA took round three fairly easily, and with it the first map.

Map two — King’s Row (Hybrid)

China started on attack on King’s Row, and went for their favorite dive comp with Guxue playing his signature Winston. However, USA clearly expected this, and were ready for them with a heavy damage Bastion comp with Sinatraa on Bastion and Corey on Hanzo.

After being forced to swap, China eventually took point A and started pushing the payload.

They made it through the streets phase fairly unscathed but encountered heavy resistance finishing the map with USA chasing them back to their spawn.

With time ticking down, USA switched back to a bunker Bastion comp to defend the final checkpoint, and China were unable to break it, falling just short of completing.

USA breezed through their own attack, and took Point A without much of a fight from China. They encountered little resistance in the streets phase too, and China only started showing up towards the end of the map.

However, with over three minutes left on the clock, it was only a matter of time before USA completed the map and took a commanding 2-0 lead.

Map three — Dorado (Escort)

At tournament point and with all the momentum on their side, USA steamrolled through their attack phase. While both teams opted for mirror Reaper/Doomfist comps, USA was just a step ahead of China in most engagements.

Even on fights where China engaged first, USA were able to turn it around and walk away victorious.

China were eventually able to stall out USA just before the final checkpoint. However, on their very last attempt, with the game in overtime, SPACE landed a massive Gravitic Flux that took out both Eileen and JinMu, leaving China without any DPS.

Corey was able to clean up the rest of China and USA were able to complete the map.

China struggled throughout their attack. And while they made it to the first checkpoint, they couldn’t get much further than that, and at one point USA started spawn camping them.

On China’s last push, they couldn’t even make it to the payload as USA chose to meet them early just as they were coming out of spawn.

More big plays from Corey and Sinatraa and it was all over, with USA completing the 3-0 sweep and becoming the first non-South Korean team to win the Overwatch World Cup.

After falling at the quarterfinals stage in each of the last three World Cups, this year USA looked unstoppable.

Corey and Sinatraa were undoubtedly the stars of this USA team, and the pair made huge plays over and over, both in the Group Stage, and again in the semifinals against South Korea and the grand finals against China.

While Sinatraa was voted by fans as the World Cup MVP, he admitted that he thought Corey should have won instead.

“It means the world to me obviously,” Sinatraa said. “But I definitely have to give it up to my team. Without them I would literally be nothing. I think Corey should have gotten the MVP personally.”

Sinatraa was also asked if he thinks he’s the best player in the world right now. In response, he simply said, “yeah”.

Considering Sinatraa is also the current Overwatch League MVP and led the San Francisco Shock to this season’s Overwatch League title, he’s probably right.

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