After notching their first win as a franchise back in February 23 — which ended a 42-game losing streak dating back to Season 1 of the Overwatch League (OWL) — the Shanghai Dragons have now gone on their first-ever win streak with a 4-map sweep of the Chengdu Hunters.

Looking to make a breakthrough from their winless season last year, the Dragons entered their match against the Hunters with an air of confidence they did not have before. And that confidence was apparent as Shanghai took a commanding lead 2-1 victory in Busan to take the first map of the series.

Chengdu looked to bounce back in game 2 on Numbani and were able to keep it close for a good while. Swagger plays from the Shanghai players, such as Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh, were helpful in eventually letting them take the map, 3-2.

Game 3 moved to Volskaya Industries, with the Dragons hungering to take this map for their second win as a franchise. The Hunters were not about to fold however, fighting back to extend the match. While they were able to keep things close again, the Dragons — led by Yi “JinMu” Hu — wanted that second win too much and took the map, 5-4.

While a game 4 on Dorado was played — which the Dragons won 2-1 — the sweep was already complete and the previously winless team is now enjoying another taste of victory.

Shanghai will be looking to continue their first win streak against the Dallas Fuel on March 3. No matter the result of that matchup, it’s safe to say that the Dragons have already exceeded expectations for this season. They can only break through further from here.