Everyone’s invited to the celebration of Overwatch‘s third-year anniversary, happening tomorrow May 21.

The festivity will last for three weeks until June 10. During this time, Overwatch will be releasing six legendary and three epic skins for our favorite heroes.

Aside from the skins, new items like sprays, voice lines, dance emotes, and icons will be up for grabs. Who knows, new maps may even be unveiled similar to the game’s first anniversary celebration.

Hero skins and cosmetics from past events will also be available for purchase. You can also log in anytime during the event and get a free loot box which might contain a legendary item.

In the three years since Overwatch was released, the game has since won multiple awards, including The Game Awards’ Game of the Year 2016 and the recent Webby Awards’ Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game (People’s Voice) 2019.

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