Overwatch has just released its first 2019 Anniversary skin, featuring our favorite Korean girl D.Va dressed in a school uniform.

Academy D.Va can be seen in a dark blue and hot pink color scheme, with a coat for her top and a plaid skirt for her bottoms. D.Va, or simply Hana Song, also comes in black hair and a pair of golden spectacles to complete her academic look.

In this particular skin, D.Va’s mech also features a head on top, similar to the cover of D.Va’s video game in the Busan map.

Academy D.Va will be available for purchase in Overwatch’s third anniversary event taking place from May 21 to June 10. There will also be five more Legendary skins to come.

Players will also receive a Legendary loot box which may contain a Legendary skin and three other items. Login anytime during Overwatch’s third anniversary event to receive this loot box.

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