The San Francisco Shock of the Overwatch League reportedly have become the first esports team to work with a California company that aims to help athletes prevent injuries and improve their performance by speeding up recovery time.

Hyperice, based in Irvine, Calif., has designed high-tech products to aid athletes in several sports and is adding cyberathletes to the roster.

“Our athletes are the lifeblood of this organization and we are relentless in our efforts to maintain and improve the health, wellness and career longevity for each and every athlete,” said Brett Lautenbach, president of San Francisco Shock owner NRG Esports, in a statement to VentureBeat. “Hyperice has a well-known leadership position in traditional sports recovery and we are excited to bring the technology and know-how into the world of esports, starting first with the San Francisco Shock.”

Esports athletes have been known to suffer from a variety of injuries caused by poor ergonomics, repetitive movements, tension and sitting for hours. It isn’t uncommon for the athletes to retire in their 20s, according to CNBC.

Hyperice has a partnership with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, an avid gamer, in which he teaches the esports community about recovery technology and its benefits.

“As the esports landscape becomes more and more competitive, so will the need for products that can help improve performance, health and career longevity,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice, in a statement to Venture Beat. “The teams and organizations that put an emphasis on athlete health will most likely be the ones performing at the highest levels, for longer periods of time. The NRG leadership team is deeply connected to traditional sports, and because of this, they have seen the tremendous impact health technology can have on performance. We are excited to partner with the San Francisco Shock, and help to create a meaningful, competitive advantage.”

The Shock’s Overwatch League season begins Friday.