Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the latest hero to join the game’s roster will be the combat medic known as Baptiste.

After being referenced to in a previous teaser, Baptiste’s origin story has been revealed in advance of his release.

According to his lore, Jean-Baptiste Augustin hails from Haiti and was orphaned during the omnic crisis. This led to him joining the military group called the Caribbean Coalition to make the most of his situation.

After the end of the omnic crisis, Baptiste found himself with Talon, the mercenary group led by Overwatch antagonists Reaper and Doomfist. He would later be disillusioned with life in the organization, prompting him to leave Talon.

Baptiste was being hunted down by the mercenary group — which was the subject of a previous teaser — but he apparently eluded capture and is looking to use his skills to make a difference.

While there has been no details released on his skillset yet, we can assume from his title as combat medic that Baptiste can fulfill both offensive and supportive roles. It would be interesting to see how he can shake up the current Overwatch meta, which favors the infamous ‘GOATS’ lineup of just tanks and supports.

Baptiste should be hitting the public test realm very soon, so we need only wait until then to see what he brings to the table.