The latest hero to join Overwatch, the combat medic Baptiste, was first revealed and put on the Play Test Realm (PTR) at the end of February. Now, Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Baptiste will hit the live servers much sooner than first expected, on March 19.

Baptiste has a Medic SMG as his primary weapon, its three-round burst fire lets him deal a significant amount of damage with good accuracy and recoil control.

To fulfill the ‘combat’ part of his combat medic role, Baptiste’s Medic SMG also has the Biotic Launcher as its secondary fire. This lets him lob projectiles that heal allies near the point of impact.

Baptiste’s first ability is called Regenerative Burst, which heals Baptiste and nearby allies over time when activated.

His second ability is called Immortality Field, which creates a field that prevents allies from dying. While this ability is powerful when used correctly, there’s a downside in that the device generating the field can be destroyed.

Baptiste can also turn the tide of battle for his team by using his ultimate ability, called Amplification Matrix. This creates a matrix — similar to the Immortality Field — which doubles the damage and healing effects of allied projectiles that pass through it.

Finally, Baptiste uses his passive ability, Exo Boost, to be highly maneuverable in the battlefield. By crouching first, Baptiste can jump higher to bypass ledges and obstacles on his way to support his team.

With Baptiste finally going live very soon, it will be interesting to see how he will shake up the current Overwatch metagame in both casual and competitive play.