Four international players have been drafted in the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft: Daniel “DT” Tlais from Canada, Jack “Jaacko” Stevenson from New Zealand, Jomar “Jomar12” Varela-Escapa from Puerto Rico, and Harry “HazzaUK2K” Hurst from the United Kingdom.

DT became the first international player off the board when he was taken with the 29th pick by Magic Gaming in the second round of the draft.

Jaacko was drafted in the third round with the 50th overall pick by the Pistons GT.

Meanwhile, the last two international players to be drafted this year were taken in the last five picks of the fourth and final round.

Jomar12 was selected by the Blazer5 Gaming with the 71st overall pick, while HazzaUK2K was the last player to be selected in the draft with the 75th pick by the Season 1 champions Knicks Gaming.

There were 22 international players who were draft-eligible this year, hailing from countries such as Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, New Zealand, the Philippines, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The NBA 2K League has made it a point to expand the league to include players from outside the US this year. Aside from including players from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in the 2019 Draft Combine, the league also held the APAC Invitational in Hong Kong in early February to scout some of the top players in the region.