It’s a sad day for the King of Kings as they face an unexpected departure from their team. Head coach James “Jamesss” Chen has officially announced his resignation from RRQ Hoshi.

Jamesss was a key part of the team’s incredibly successful 2020, which saw them capture the first MPL Invitational as well as back-to-back MPL titles. With his background as an RRQ Hoshi player, he has a strong relationship with the team’s roster, which is believed to be the factor for the team’s recent success.

While the three titles already showed how strong the team was, Jamesss saw that the recent Mobile Legends M2 World Championship would be the final trial to see if the MPL ID team could dominate once again.

At M2, Lemon led his team to the top of the group stage by using unorthodox picks like Belerick. When it came down to the playoffs however, RRQ Hoshi were eliminated by Bren Esports in the lower bracket final with a scoreline of 3-1.

With Jamesss doing his best with an all-star line-up and coming up short, the Singaporean coach believed that it was time for him to go.

Jamesss made the emotional announcement to the team in person, which was captured on video by RRQ.

“I have given my resignation letter to the boss. It’s not that I don’t want to be your coach anymore. I think I’ve done this job and gave my best,” he explained. “But I think my best is not good enough. So there will be a better coach for you. Whatever it is I am very grateful and appreciative. “

James told his squad that they’ve lived, tried, and worked together since last January and there’s always a challenge to overcome.

Even though this is the end of Jamesss’ time at RRQ, he thanked his players for “carrying” him throughout the season and assured them that they’ll see each other soon.

As of RRQ’s prospects for its next coach, many have their eyes set on the potential return of former Genflix Aerowolf trainer Acil.

Before Jamesss’ three titles, Acil built the foundation of RRQ’s dominating presence with runner-up finishes in both the MPL ID S4 and the M1 World Championship.

If he’s able to return to the King and Kings, he can possibly spell more success with a bigger and more experienced roster.

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