Two new upcoming skins will descend upon Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the Land of Dawn: Insidious Tutor Hanzo and Empress Phoenix Pharsa.

Insidious Tutor gives a brand new look to this assassin, whose previous skins The Pale Phantom and Undead King adhere strongly to the ninja theme.

Insidious Teacher Hanzo
Credit: Moonton

Here, we see Hanzo in a smart casual attire for the first time. Adorning a blue and white vest, black tie, brown leather shoes, striped tailored pants and a bright yellow long-sleeve shirt rolled up to reveal his muscular arms, Hanzo is cast in an entirely new light.

The demonic aspects of him is reflected in his purple forearms and large, toothy, and monstrous sword. Demon Feast is where we see the abdominal creature pop up, while casting Demon Thorns causes spikes to emerge from the ground.

Though we like how this skin shows us a new side of Hanzo, we have to admit that the concept of Insidious Tutor is rather perplexing.

On the other hand, Empress Phoenix is absolutely perfect for Pharsa and frankly, long overdue.

Part of the Crow people, Pharsa’s skins always retains feathered features. Due to her dark past which led her to seek vengeance, all four of her skins haven’t exactly adopted a bright palette.

Empress Phoenix Pharsa
Credit: Moonton

Everything changes with Empress Phoenix. Other than the expected orange and yellow theme coupled with elegant effects, one of the best parts of this skin has to be her elaborate golden staff that looks like it’s containing the sun.

We also like how dramatic Feathered Air Strike is animated, which gives Pharsa outstretched orange wings and a halo to boot.

Look out for Insidious Tutor Hanzo and Empress Phoenix Pharsa in-game soon.

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