The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023) is just weeks away. As one of the prestigious international MLBB tournaments, fans can’t help but be excited for this year’s tournament.

MPLI features six teams, a difference from the previous series where all MPL ID teams played.

With ONIC Esports withdrawing, Geek Fam, Bigetron Alpha, RRQ, Rebellion Zion, Dewa United Esports, and EVOS Legends will fight to uphold Indonesia’s dominance in this tournament.

ONIC Esports MPL ID Season 12 champion banner image
Credit: ONIC Esports

In the past three MPLI tournaments, Indonesian representatives have always emerged as champions, from RRQ, Alter Ego, to ONIC Esports.

Many might think that the absence of ONIC Esports would weaken Indonesia’s strength in ONE Esports MPLI 2023. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With ONIC’s absence, Indonesian teams will be more determined to play seriously and bring home the prestigious trophy.

In this ONE Esports article, will delve into the strengths of the six Indonesian teams that will fight for their nation’s honor.

Indonesian Teams in MPLI 2023

Geek Fam

Geek Fam celebrating a win during MPL ID Season 12 playoffs
Credit: ONE Esports

Securing two points in the grand final against the superior ONIC Esports is evidence that Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy and his team are on fire, and one of the fastest-growing teams at the moment.

As a reminder, Geek Fam first rose to prominence in MPLI 2022 when they reached the grand final. Since then, the team has continued to grow and is now one of the strongest in Indonesia.

One of the things that sets Geek Fam apart from other Indonesian teams is their mastery of the meta. The healer meta has become their primary weapon. In recent tournaments, no Indonesian team has been able to maximize their healers as effectively as Geek Fam.

Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron Alpha's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: Bigetron Esports

Unlucky — perhaps that’s the right word for BTR in MPL ID S12. They briefly equalized the score at 2-2 in the lower bracket final against Geek Fam after being down 0-2, but Calvin “Vyn” and his team succumbed in the final game of the series.

Flexibility is Bigetron Alpha’s strength. They can be formidable in MPLI due to their players having a wide hero pool, especially Hengky “Kyy” Gunawan and Kenneth “Super Kenn” Marcello.

Furthermore, Vyn recently mentioned in a podcast that his team is strong in short-term tournaments. MPLI 2023 could be their chance to prove this statement.


RRQ's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: RRQ

One of the most eagerly awaited teams in MPLI by fans, this will be RRQ’s last tournament in 2023 before looking forward to the new season of MPL ID next year.

RRQ will always be RRQ. Their identity is so strong. A super-aggressive playstyle is their trademark, no matter who is on the roster. RRQ’s ambition to show that they are one of the best teams in Indonesia is undeniable.

Their painful loss in MPL ID S12 serves as a warning to other teams in MPLI 2023. When RRQ gets angry, they can defeat anyone. Additionally, the undeniable support of the Kingdom fans will surely go wild at Senayan.

Rebellion Zion

Rebellion Zion's full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: Rebellion Esports

Rebellion Zion is rarely in the spotlight. They are often underestimated, but their progress over time is evident.

Making it to the playoffs in MPL ID S12 and reaching the grand final of the President Esports Cup 2023 shows the resilience of the Blue Bulls.

The diversity of hero pools for Zulfikar “AudyTzy” and Attanasius David Halomoan “Swaylow” Sihaloho makes Rebellion Zion unpredictable.

With AudyTzy as the driving force for RBL, they are now one of the strongest teams in major objective battles. RBL should be closely watched in MPLI 2023.

Dewa United Esports

Dewa United Esports' full roster for MPL ID Season 12
Credit: Dewa United Esports

A team that recently joined MPL ID but immediately made an impact by reaching the playoffs, Dewa is not a team that receives much attention. Most of their players came from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League (MDL), except for Supriadi Dwi “Watt” Putra.

Dewa United Esports proves that chemistry is more important than strategy. They often create moments beyond the game plan’s logic, leading to victories. Other than this, Dewa United Esports is also known for its exceptionally strong late-game play.

The presence of Watt as a veteran has a positive effect on the team. He always finds ways to carry his team, even when they are behind.

EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends' players pose for a photo for their MPL ID Season 12 roster reveal
Credit: EVOS Esports

Many view EVOS as benefiting from ONIC Esports’ withdrawal from MPLI, since the White Tigers are not in great shape lately. However, this has piqued more curiosity about EVOS Legends.

What will they change to rise in MPLI 2023? How is the progress of this team, which has one of the largest fan bases? Will they continue to struggle, or will they finally discover the sought-after formula?

EVOS Legends are known for their disciplined and strategic approach. They often discover new metas, unique rotations, and are accustomed to a very strong early game. Will this continue in MPLI 2023? We’ll have to wait and find out together.

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