MPL Indonesia is arguably the highest caliber Mobile Legends league in the world, and with Season 5 starting this weekend, it’s time to take a look at who will be competing for the championship.

Can EVOS Legends defend their title, or will one of the other seven teams overthrow them?

Here are our pre-season power rankings based on their performance last season, developments, and the quality of their new roster.

1. Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Hoshi

Season 4 performance

RRQ was one of the best teams last year reaching the grand finals of both MPL Season 4 and the M1 World Championship. With strong players from top to bottom, the team shuffled its 10-player roster frequently to find the perfect team composition to dominate the MPL.

In terms of quality, there is no doubting RRQ. Their only obstacle from the regular season to the grand final was EVOS Legends. Other than that, the team steamrolled through the regular season, winning almost all their match-ups.

They were the runners-up of both MPL ID Season 4 and the M1 World Championship, losing the latter in a heartbreaking fifth game against rivals EVOS Legends, but had things gone slightly differently, they could have easily been world champions.

Season 5 predictions

With every key player returning from last year, RRQ is firmly in the number one spot on our power rankings.

The only real change to the roster is bringing LJ and Wizzking back into the main roster. When other teams struggle to find chemistry, RRQ’s top-tier performances are rooted in these devoted relationships between team management and the players.

RRQ has also been training hard after the M1 championship. Aside from a brief vacation in Bali, the boys have been consistently scrimming and practicing, and are clearly hungry to avenge last season’s grand final losses.


  • Wizzking (Midlaner)
  • LJ (Tank)
  • Vyn (Support)
  • R7 Tatsumaki (Offlaner)
  • Lemon (Carry / Midlaner)
  • Tuturu (Carry)

Player to watch: Wizzking

Wizzking might just be RRQ’s Ace. Apart from his streaming antics, Wizzking is one of the best players in the global and supreme ranks. There’s no doubting how strong this midlaner can be when he’s on a roll.

2. Onic Esports

Season 4 performance

Onic Esports had a disappointing season 4. After dominating the first three seasons of MPL ID, Udil and his teammates seemed uncharacteristically slow to start Season 4.

Onic limped throughout the regular season, but still managed to qualify for the playoffs. However, the team lost 1-2 to EVOS in their Upper Bracket semifinal, and then crashed out 0-2 to Alter Ego in their Lower Bracket match.

Season 5 predictions

Despite a lackluster fourth season, Season 5 is the perfect platform for Onic to avenge themselves once more.

EVOS Legends’ tank Donkey recently said Onic had a great chance of returning to their championship form due to their die-hard attitude. Additionally, with some new talented players joining the team, we expect Onic to return to championship form this season.


  • Udil (Midlaner)
  • Sasa (Carry)
  • Antimage (Offlaner)
  • Drian (Tank)
  • Psychoo (Support)
  • Rasdalima (Midlaner)
  • Goose (Carry)
  • Lordgov (Tank)
  • Kiboy (Tank)

Player to watch: Rasdalima

Rasdalima might be Onic’s secret weapon. While he is already well-known in the MLBB scene as a top midlaner, he’s also able to fill Udil’s post in clutch moments.

3. EVOS Legends

Season 4 performance

Last season, EVOS Legends were the best team in all of MLBB, winning both MPL ID Season 4 and the M1 World Championship.

Season 5 prediction

However, following some roster changes, it remains to be seen how well EVOS’ new players will be able to fit into the team.

If Bajan, Butss, Vinss, and Rexxy can quickly adapt to Wannn, Rekt, and Luminaire, EVOS has a good chance of repeating as champions.

There are also other question marks that linger over the roster, such as how committed will Donkey be this season? The Tank player has stated before that he only wants to be a substitute for season 5.


  • Wannn (Midlaner / Carry)
  • Rekt (Carry)
  • Luminaire (Support)
  • Bajan (Tank)
  • Butss (Offlaner)
  • Rexxy (Midlaner / Carry)
  • Vinss (Offlaner)
  • Donkey (Tank)

Player to watch: Butss

Butts is the only player completely new to EVOS (Bajan, Vinss, Rexxy all come from EVOS academy), joining them from OPI Gaming. He has a similar playstyle to teammate Oura, and is a talented offlaner, but how he fits into the EVOs team remains to be seen.

4. Genflix Aerowolf

Season 4 performance

Aerowolf were runners-up in Season 3 (while under the Louvre flag) but had a disappointing Season 4, and failed to even qualify for the playoffs.

Season 5 prediction

The team will be looking to improve in Season 5 and has overhauled their roster with a mix of veterans and promising new talent.

Aerowolf will look to Clay, Jacklee, and Fredo to return the squad to its former glory.


  • Clay (Midlaner)
  • Jeel (Carry)
  • Key (Offlaner)
  • Fredo (Tank)
  • Jacklee (Support)
  • Kido (Midlaner)
  • Yor (Tank)
  • Rinazmi (Offlaner)
  • Badboy (Carry)

Player to watch: Clay

Many MLBB fans have been eagerly awaiting Clay’s debut in MPL. The talented young midlaner is one of the rising stars of MLBB, and is considered a prodigy on Esmerelda.

5. Alter Ego

Season 4 performance

Alter Ego was one of the dark horse performers of MPL season 4. Although the team was initially inconsistent, they transformed into a giant slayer late in the season and proved that they could match up well with the likes of EVOS Legends and RRQ, eventually finishing in third place.

Season 5 Prediction

Alter Ego returns with the same roster as last season, which should let them continue where they left off.

Yam’s presence allows him to rotate with Rmitchi as offlaners, but the rest of the team are irreplaceable in their respective posts. If the team can play with more consistency this season, they have a good chance of upsetting the more higher-ranked teams.


  • Celiboy (midlaner)
  • Caesius (support)
  • Leomurphy (tank mid)
  • Rmitchi (offlaner)
  • Maungzy (hardcore)
  • Yam (offlaner)

Player to watch: Celiboy

Despite being a rookie, last season’s league KDA leader, Celiboy, was Alter Ego’s best player. However, he will need to further develop his game and play with more consistency if he is to carry his team to the championship.

6. Bigetron Alpha

Season 4 performancosBigetron performed quite well throughout the regular season, but the team slumped hard in the playoffs. The players went through too many role rotations, leading to an early exit.

Season 5 prediction

Bigetron has reshuffled its roster for Season 5 with Branz now switching to the carry role, and the arrival of two new midlaners in Annisa and Warlord, and a new Tank in Kyy, who previously played for Pontianak.


  • Branz (Carry)
  • Annisa (Midlaner)
  • Kyy (Tank)
  • Dreams (Support)
  • Bravo (Offlaner)
  • Warlord (Midlaner)

Player to watch: Kyy

Kyy is a top-ranked Tank on the global leaderboards and will be a strong addition to Bigetron. His main challenge will be finding chemistry with the rest of his team.

7. Aura Esports

Season 4 performance

Aura had a difficult Season 4, but did show flashes of brilliance, and were one of the few teams to beat both EVOS Legends and RRQ.

Unfortunately at the latter half of the season, they performed poorly in the playoffs, leading to an early exit.

Season 5 prediction

Aura has retained three veteran players in Clover, Phoenix, and Darkness. and added new members in SusuGajah, God1va, and Greg.

On paper, Aura doesn’t look that strong, but don’t be surprised if they’re able to pull off another big upset on one or two of the stronger teams.


  • Clover (Midlaner)
  • Darkness (Tank)
  • God1va (Offlaner)
  • MilkFace (Carry)
  • Greg (Support)
  • Phoenix (Support)

Player to watch: SusuGajah

SusuGajah is a rookie to MLBB, but was previously a pro player in AoV and CoD: Mobile. He was one of the best carries in AOV so it will be interesting to see if his obvious talent translates over to MLBB.

8. Geek Fam ID

Season 4 performance

Geek Fam ID had a disastrous Season 4 with an endless rotation of roster compositions, that never managed to put everything together. The team failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Season 5 prediction

This season’s Geek Fam should be a more consistent and organized team. With a leaner seven-player roster, the team also added ex-RRQ midlaner Ayamjago. Having said that, it remains to be seen if the roster will realize its potential and on paper, it still looks like one of the weaker teams in MPL Season 5.


  • AyamJago (Midlaner)
  • Tezet (Offlaner)
  • Val (Tank / Support)
  • Paul (Tank / Support)
  • Ipin (Carry / Midlaner)
  • Ramzu (Carry)
  • Instinct (Support /Offlaner)

Player to watch: AyamJago

AyamJago was one of the core members of RRQ in previous seasons but found himself left out last season.

Despite playing with RRQ at the M1 World Championship, he chose to leave the team in the offseason. He will be looking to prove that he can still perform at an all-star level this season.

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