Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s newest hero is Cecilion, the Embrace of Night. Cecilion is the third Blood Demon on MLBB’s roster, after his lover, Carmilla, and the Blood Demon queen, Alice.

Cecilion fundamentally plays as a poke-heavy mage with incredible late-game potential.

His skills are mostly attacking spells, but his ultimate provides him with a bit of defense due to its lifesteal. When playing him, you’ll have to watch your mana because spamming Bat Impact can rapidly drain his mana pool.


Passive – Overflowing

Cecilion increases his max mana pool by 10 each time he hits an enemy target with a skill. Cecilion’s skill damage scales with his max mana.

Cecilion’s passive is what makes him a late-game monster due to the way Overflowing stacks up, increasing Cecilion’s damage as the game goes on.

Bat Impact

Cecilion summons a giant bat to dive in a designated direction, dealing 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 / 230 / 260 (+80% Total Magic Power) (+5% Total Mana) Magic Damage to enemies on the path.

The giant bat will stay at its destination and launch another attack, dealing 220 / 280 / 340 / 400 / 460 / 520 (+160% Total Magic Power)(+10% Total Mana) Magic Damage to enemies and triggering Overflowing for 1 time.

After casting, Cecilion increases his Movement Speed by 30% for 1s.

In 6s, every time Cecilion casts this skill, the mana cost will be increased by 1.8x time(s) (capped at 4 times).

This is Cecilion’s primary poking skill-shot. It fires twice and also gives Cecilion a short movement speed buff. However, it quickly becomes very expensive to use, increasing in mana whether you hit with it or not. As such, you need to be very precise as spamming it will rapidly drain your mana.

Sanguine Claws

Cecilion summons a pair of claws in a designated position that will run to each other, slowing down the enemies on the path.

After a short delay, the claws pull the enemies to the center, immobilizing them for 1s and dealing 200 / 220 / 240/ 260 / 280 / 300 (+45% Total Magic Power) (+1.2% Total Mana) Magic Damage.

Sanguine Claws will be your go-to move in initiating team clashes. It provides great crowd control and also deals respectable damage.

Ultimate – Bats Feast

Cecilion awakens his Blood Demon power, increasing his Movement Speed by 60% (decaying rapidly over 1.5s) and gaining immunity to slow effects.

Meanwhile, he shoots 40 bolts of blood energy at the enemies nearby, each dealing 30 / 35 / 40 (+8% Total Magic Power) (+0.3% Total Mana) Magic Damage and slowing them by 3% (up to 30%) for 1s.

Hitting an enemy also heals him for 10 / 12.5 / 15 and 1% of his lost HP.

Cecilion’s Ultimate is a fantastic tool for kiting enemies due to its heal and movement speed bonuses. You can also use it as an escape tool for when things go bad.

Special Move – Moonlit Waltz

When Carmilla is nearby, Cecilion can call her to become a Vermil Shadow to possess him, providing 440-1000 points of shield (scales with Carmilla’s level).

Carmilla can then select a target place to land with the same shield, dealing 440-1000 Magic Damage (scales with her level) to enemies within the area and slowing them down by 60% for 1s.

Moonlit Waltz is a unique team move that is only available if Carmilla is on the same team. It’s currently the only team move in the game.

It’s an incredibly powerful combo providing Cecilion with a massive absorb shield, and then letting the Carmilla playing deal a huge amount of aoe damage.

Cecilion is available now for 32,000 Gold or 419 diamonds in the MLBB shop while his Wisteria Count bundle is currently priced at 607 diamonds.

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