Last weekend’s MPL Indonesia featured another classic showdown between EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi. The latest in the historic ‘El Clasico’ series between the two teams, EVOS Legends got the better of the King of Kings this time, taking a series sweep for their third win of the season.

In both games, RRQ Hoshi started strong, but EVOS Legends found ways to bounce back and secure the sweep in a convincing manner.

While some might say that this was an easy win over RRQ, Ihsan Besari “Luminaire” Kusudana admitted that this El Clasico match was the toughest for his team so far in MPL ID Season 7.

“The opponents of EVOS Legends have made it difficult so far. All the matches have made us tired of training,” Luminaire told ONE Esports. “But in my opinion, the most difficult match for EVOS Legends so far is still facing RRQ Hoshi.”

Luminaire also said El Clasico was something he was looking forward to ever since his competitive hiatus in MPL ID Season 6.

“Of course I am very happy to return to the league and play again,” said Luminaire. “My rival Vynnn is in RRQ Hoshi so it’s great to beat him, even if it’s just luck,” said Luminaire.

Though Luminaire didn’t go into specifics about how they defeated RRQ, EVOS Legends has been showing a new form with Ferxiic, the new hypercarry who’s taking over in Wann’s absence.

As for the opponent’s side, Luminaire briefly spoke about the simple mistakes made by the RRQ squad, especially new jungler Skylar. He felt that Skylar’s gameplay did not really mesh well with the way that RRQ currently plays.

EVOS Legends will face Alter Ego on March 20.

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