The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 12 (MPL MY Season 12) is set to bring intense competition and high stakes.

This season’s champion will earn the honor of representing Malaysia in the highly anticipated M5 World Championship, MLBB’s biggest tournament held every year.

Reigning champions TODAK will try to defend their title against some of the toughest teams in the region, including RED Esports and HomeBois.

Team HAQ and Team Secret, who were relegated last season due to their lower rankings, are back this season after making it out of the qualifier with their improved roster.

To keep you informed, here is the full roster of each team competing this season.

The full roster of every MPL MY Season 12 team


The full roster of TODAK for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

Reigning MPL MY champions TODAK have retained their key players, including Muhammad “CikuGais” Fuad, Wan “4Meyz” Usman, and Muhammad “Yums” Suhairi.

Additionally, newcomer Martzy will be taking over the midlane role following the departure of Zikry “Moon” Shamsuddin.

Wan “4Meyz” UsmanEXP lane
Muhamad “Rival” KamarulzamanJungle
Muhammad “CikuGais” FuadGold lane
Muhammad “Yums” SuhairiRoam
Idreen “Momo” JamalEXP lane

Team SMG

The full roster of Team SMG for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

Team SMG is bringing in three Filipino imports this season — former Smart Omega roamer Deomark “Mikko” Tabangay, former TNC jungler Kenneth “Saxa” Fedelin, and former Team Lunatix coach Ren “Pao” Villanueva.

Aeliff “Smooth” AriffEXP lane
Wan “Subway” SakirinJungle
Hazziq “Stormie” RizwanMidlane
Lu “Sasa” Khai BeanGold lane
Deomark “Mikko” TabangayRoam
Kenneth “Saxa” FedelinJungle


The full roster of HomeBois for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

HomeBois have chosen to keep the majority of their roster intact for the upcoming season, while also bringing on board the experienced roamer Mohammad “Xorn” Noor from Yoodo Red Giants.

Furthermore, they have managed to secure an extended loan for Arya “Barbossa” Nazhari from Bigetron Alpha, and have also taken Indonesian player Wahyu “R a i z e L” Saputra on loan from Alter Ego for this season.

Muhammad “Sepat” AujangEXP lane
Muhammad Nazhan “Chibi” Mohd NorJungle
Rizky “Warlord” AgustianMidlane
Muhammad “Anip” RashidGold lane
Mohammad “Xorn” NoorRoam
Arya “Barbossa” NazhariRoam
Wahyu “R a i z e L” SaputraGold lane

Team Lunatix

The full roster of Team Lunatix for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

Following the unexpected exit of Myanmar imports Hein “Kid” Thu and Kyaw “Zippx” Bo shortly after their recruitment, Team Lunatix now finds itself relying on a roster comprised of talented and budding players for the upcoming season.

The team has made noteworthy acquisitions, including Filipino import Joshua Kyle “Yunaaaaaaaaa” Villarde and former Red Giants Esports roamer Muhammad “Eshaa Ohana” Halizan,

RakunjoyEXP lane
Joshua Kyle “Yunaaaaaaaaa” VillardeJungle
Ahmad “Zacus” IbrahimRoam
xM AkennJungle
Muhammad “Eshaa Ohana” HalizanRoam

RED Esports MY

The full roster of RED Esports for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

After three consecutive 5th-6th place finishes in MPL MY, RED Esports will try to turn things around this season with the signing of veteran Filipino import Dexter “Exort” Martinez.

The team will also still be led by its most senior player Muhammad “Rennnnqt-” Aniza, who has been with the team since last year.

Muhammad “Rennnnqt-” AnizaEXP lane
Dexter “Exort” MartinezMidlane
Mellboy.Gold lane
Muhammad Akmal “Mal” RozaliRoam

Selangor Red Giants

The full roster of Selangor Red Giant for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

This season, Red Giants signed Filipino imports Jon “Super Red” Bordeos from Blacklist International and Pancake from ONIC Esports.

GojesEXP lane
Jon “Super Red” BordeosGold lane
Poon “OzoraVeki” SingRoam
Syed “Syf” FitriGold lane


The full roster of Selangor MPX NSEA for MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

Veteran Muhamad “Mali” Bukhari will continue to lead the squad, which consists mostly of ex-members from Madness Esports.

In the midlane position, Hide takes over from Pozan, who has transitioned to the role of the team’s head coach.

Ye3EXP lane
XavvszGold lane
Muhamad “Mali” BukhariRoam


The full roster of RSG MY in MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

RSG MY undoubtedly stands out as the powerhouse team of this season. Spearheading the lineup is Jonard “Demonkite” Caranto, who made his return from a one-season hiatus with RSG PH.

Demonkite will be accompanied by RSG MY veterans Muhammad “RIPPO” Halim, Mohammad “Izanami” Lim, and Ealtond “Lolealz” Rayner.

Furthermore, the team has secured the services of Dale “Stowm” Vidor, formerly of Smart Omega, to take charge of the roamer position.

Muhammad “RIPPO” HalimEXP lane
Jonard “Demonkite” CarantoJungle
Mohammad “Izanami” LimMidlane
Ealtond “Lolealz” RaynerGold lane
Dale “Stowm” VidorRoam
Mohd “LinkEzaa” HadimJungle

Team Secret

The full roster of Team Secret in MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

Following a winless performance in the previous season, Team Secret has undertaken roster changes, including the recruitment of Indonesian twins Maxwell “Maxx” Alessandro and Matthew “Matt” Geraldo for the jungle and gold lane roles, respectively.

The team has also signed Tenka, who will take on the roamer position, replacing Muhammad “Aim” Abas, who is shifting to the midlane position.

Muhammad “Neo” AhmadExp lane
Maxwell “Maxx” AlessandroJungle
Muhammad “Aim” AbasMidlane
Matthew “Matt” GeraldoGold lane
Hadiazwan “Box” RosliJungle

Team HAQ

The full roster of Team HAQ in MPL MY Season 12
Credit: Moonton

In light of Aiman “Mann” Anuar and Aimin “Minn” Anuar’s departure, the team underwent significant alterations.

The team enlisted former ONIC Prodigy player Gede Ari Anggara “Yuraa” Maha Putra as the new midlaner. Additionally, Nuar will be taking over the roaming position.

Poh “Panda” Wai is set to transition from roamer to gold lane for this season, while Muhammad “Garyy” Najmi maintains his position as the team’s jungler.

IrisEXP lane
Muhammad “Garyy” NajmiJungle
Gede Ari Anggara “Yuraa” Maha PutraMidlane
Poh “Panda” WaiGold lane

MPL MY Season 12 will start on August 18.

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