The seventh season of the MPL Philippines is right on the horizon and the region’s ten teams are gearing up once again for the season grind.

While Bren Esports reigned victorious as the MPL PH and M2 World Champions, will the Philippines produce another hotshot team in its own territory once again?

Let’s take a look at the complete team rosters of MPL PH S7.

Aura PH

Aura PH Bennyqt and Lord Hadess
Credit: Aura PH

Unchanged: Rafflesia (Multirole), Jaypee (Carry), Greed_ (Multirole), Killuash (Offlane)
In: Bennyqt (Assassin/Mage), Lord Hadess (Fighter/Mage)
Out: Kielvj, Renzio

Aura PH comes back stronger than ever with the addition of two new hypercarries in Bennyqt and Lord Hadess. While the team had a rough start with the new recruits at the ONE Esports MPL Invitational, the talent of the duo will provide a new offensive edge for the experimental team.

Rafflesia has also stepped back to act as the team’s player-coach on several occasions so it’ll be interesting how such a dynamic would work in a season setting. Being known as one of the pioneers of the Diggie strategy, we can’t wait to see what kind of revolutionary gameplay Rafflesia will bring to the table.

Final roster: Rafflesia (Multirole), Jaypee (Carry), Greed_ (Multirole), Killuash (Offlane), Bennyqt (Assassin/Mage), Lord Hadess (Fighter/Mage)

Grade: B

Blacklist International

Blacklist International Roster at MPLI
Credit: ONE Esports and MPL PH

Unchanged: DEX STAR (Tank/Support), Eson (Fighter/Assassin), EDWARD (Support/Mage)
In: OhMyV33nus (Tank/Support), Wise (Multirole), Oheb (Offlane/Tank)
Out: Kairi (Marksman/Assassin), KIL LER (Offlane), Aquaboy (Mage/Assassin)

Blacklist International gets a worthy upgrade with its latest offseason transfers.

In exchange for hypercarry prodigy Kairi (formerly known as FULL CLIP), DEX STAR welcomes the super duo of OhMyV33nus and Wise. With V33nus being one of the best support players in the league, we’re bound to see Blacklist form a strong defensive mindset.

Kairi may have been a solid youngblood recruit for BLCK, but Wise offers a more versatile skill set and a more seasoned approach as a carry. To help round out their offense, the squad also took in Oheb as a more consistent player in the offlane.

With Blacklist keeping their supports intact and adding some substantial additions to their team, they have a high chance of breaking their usual mid-table standings in the upcoming season.

Final roster: DEX STAR (Tank/Support), Eson (Fighter/Assassin), EDWARD (Support/Mage), OhMyV33nus (Tank/Support), Wise (Multirole), Oheb (Offlane/Tank)

Grade: B+

Bren Esports

Bren Esports M2 roster
Credit: Moonton

Unchanged: Pheww (Multirole), Ribo (Multirole), KarlTzy (Carry), Lusty (Tank/Support), FlapTzy (Fighter/Marksman), Ejhay (Tank/Support)
In: N/A
Out: N/A

As a tried and tested roster, the defending MPL PH champions return with an unchanged line-up. From what we’ve seen in their recent appearance in the M2 World Championship, Bren Esports stands tall as one of the best ML teams in the region.

The biggest difference between S6 and now is that Bren now has a lot of experience going up against world-class teams like Alter Ego and Burmese Ghouls. We’ve seen stunning improvements by young guns FlapTzy and KarlTzy and the team as a whole dynamic.

Seeing as how the Bren train is looking unstoppable, it’ll take more than just a cheese strat to defeat these living legends.

Final roster: Pheww (Multirole), Ribo (Multirole), KarlTzy (Carry), Lusty (Tank/Support), FlapTzy (Fighter/Marksman), Ejhay (Tank/Support)

Grade: A+

Cignal Ultra

Cignal Ultra MPL PH S7 Roster
Credit: Cignal Ultra

Unchanged: ImbaDeejay (Tank/Support), RHEA (Fighter), Bensanity (Tank)
In: Aquaboy (Mage/Assassin), Janus (Carry), Kekedot (Offlane)
Out: Yebmaester (Mage), tsujin (Marksman/Fighter), Lord Hadess (Assassin/Mage)

Cignal Ultra is opting to bolster its offensive efforts with an overhaul of the team’s go-to carries.

With the unchanged members holding down the support roles, Aquaboy steps in as a Mage player with some solid experience in Blacklist International while Kekedot joins the squad in the offlane after some playing time with ArkAngel.

Cignal also brings in a new core player in the form of Janus. The fresh recruit debuted last year in the Nationals and flexed his assassin skills on Ling and Lancelot.

While these recruits aren’t necessarily superstars, the squad’s mix between seasoned CIG players and newcomers provides some well-needed growing pains to become a more standout team.

If the team is able to create a cohesive system with the new trio, Cignal Ultra could possibly eye out another playoffs appearance in Season 7.

Final roster: ImbaDeejay (Tank/Support), RHEA (Fighter), Bensanity (Tank), Aquaboy (Mage/Assassin), Janus (Carry), Kekedot (Offlane)

Grade: C-


Execration MPL PH S7 Roster
Credit: Execration ML

Unchanged: E2MAX (Support), Ch4knu (Tank), Z4pnu (Multirole)
In: Renzio (Offlane), Kielvj (Carry), Kelra (Mid lane)
Out: Hate (Mage/Marksman), S4gitnu (Fighter/Mage), Bennyqt (Fighter/Mage)

As the certified bad boys of the MPL PH, Execration is looking to make a comeback with a more consistent line-up.

While E2MAX and the Ch4knu still continue as the team’s go-to support players, EXE managed to pick up former Aura duo Kielvj and Renzio in the carry and offlane roles respectively. Aside from being skilled starting member, they’ll also bring some chemistry and an experimental playstyle from their time at Aura.

Mid laner Kelra had some playing time in 2020, but Season 7 will be his true test on whether he can make a difference. E2MAX has already said that he and Ch4knu will do what it takes to maximize his potential.

Coming in third place in S6, Execration will have to put their best foot forward to truly make it into the MPL PH S7 grand finals.

Final roster: E2MAX (Support), Ch4knu (Tank), Z4pnu (Multirole), Renzio (Offlane), Kielvj (Carry), Kelra (Mid lane)

Grade: A

Laus Playbook Esports

Laus Playbook Esports Mobile Legends Roster
Credit: The Nationals

Unchanged: Aspect (Assassin), Arvs (Mage/Support), Beemo (Fighter/Tank), Jake The Dog (Marksman), Ryota (Tank), Yakou (Sub)
In: N/A
Out: N/A

Laus Playbook Esports is one of the two qualifying teams to enter the PH league and it looks like they’ll be doing their best to stay in the running.

Looking back at their MPL Main Qualifier performance, the team struggled a bit when going against more established teams like Work-Auster Force. They do have the talent in terms of locking down quick kills and engagement, but their main weaknesses are on map control and coming back from a gold deficit.

Despite such inconsistencies, the team showed that they had the heart and the clutch plays to bring a lower-bracket final reverse-sweep against ArkAngel.

If they’re able to rally around their Adventure Time duo of Beemo and Jake The Dog and fly under the wing of coach Panda, who led ArkAngel to an MPL S3 Championship, Laus Playbook Esports can easily find a spot in the middle of the leaderboard.

Final roster: Aspect (Assassin), Arvs (Mage/Support), Beemo (Fighter/Tank), Jake The Dog (Marksman), Ryota (Tank), Yakou (Sub)

Grade: C

Nexplay Esports

Nexplay Esports
Credit: Nexplay Esports

Unchanged: Renejay (Assassin/Offlane), Yawi (Tank/Support), H2wo (Carry)
Exort (Mage/Support), Jeymz (Fighter), LanceCy (Mage/Support)
Chester (Tank/Support), Mb (Offlane), Jimnest (Tank/Support)

While Renejay and his crew had a rough opening season in 2020, Nexplay Esports returns as the undisputed local favorites.

The team has massively improved with numerous consecutive appearances in local tournaments like the Just ML Cup and the Juicy Legends Tournament, all thanks to their newest members.

By revamping its previous tank-based roster to cater to mage users like Exort and LanceCy, the team has broadened the various kinds of drafts they can use. Exort also comes in as an experienced MPL player during Season 5 with Geek Fam PH, adding some shotcalling experience to the young team.

With H2wo and Renejay sticking to their kill-confirm roles, Jeymz also joins the squad as a reliable headstrong fighter that can control their offensive efforts.

Fielding a more experimental and versatile line-up, Nexplay Esports is more than ready to set their sights on an MPL championship.

Final roster: Renejay (Assassin/Offlane), Yawi (Tank/Support), H2wo (Carry), Exort (Mage/Support), Jeymz (Fighter), LanceCy (Mage/Support)

Grade: B+

Omega Esports

Omega Esports at M2 World Championship
Credit: Moonton

Unchanged: Kenji (Offlane), Hadjizy (Carry), Heath (Tank/Support), KurtTzy (Multirole), Haze (Tank/Support), Toshi (Mage/Marksman/Fighter)
In: N/A

Easily one of the strongest teams in MPL PH right now, Omega Esports has stuck to their six-man roster to maintain their dominance in the league.

Omega is an all-around powerhouse that still tries to push the boundaries on what they can achieve. In the M2 World Championship, they proved all the haters wrong with an amazing group stage performance with two sweeps over Todak and Impunity KH.

The top gun squad is widely recognized as some of the most disciplined in gameplay. Players like Heath and Hadjizy are known for only taking the biggest fights with the lowest risks to gain the advantage.

Despite such success, their playstyle might also take a turn with the departure of coach DaleDalus. DaleDalus played a significant role in instilling the disciplined approach and shaping the team to what it is today.

With Omega having a budding rivalry with current champions Bren Esports, Season 7 is the perfect time for them to turn things around and snatch the throne from Pheww and his crew.

Final roster: Kenji (Offlane), Hadjizy (Carry), Heath (Tank/Support), KurtTzy (Multirole), Haze (Tank/Support), Toshi (Mage/Marksman/Fighter)

Grade: A

Onic PH

Onic PH Kairi, Marky, and Hate
Credit: Onic PH

Unchanged: Jay (Multirole), Dlar (Fighter/Assassin), ly4knu (Multirole)
In: Hate (Mage/Marksman), Kairi (Marksman/Assassin), Markyyyyy (Sub)
Out: OhMyV33nus (Tank/Support), Wise (Multirole), Basic (Mage/Assassin)

Onic PH is gearing up to finally realize their true calling as MPL champs.

After parting ways with the tag team of Wise and OhMyV33nus, the team has brought in some offensive playmakers to take charge. Carries Hate and Kairi join the squad to provide that duo-core playstyle while Markyyyyy enters a reliable sub when needed.

With Onic veterans Jay and ly4knu possibly coming through in the support roles, it’ll be up to the two new hypercarries and Dlar to truly make the difference in the Land of Dawn.

Final roster: Jay (Multirole), Dlar (Fighter/Assassin), ly4knu (Multirole), Hate (Mage/Marksman), Kairi (Marksman/Assassin), Markyyyyy (Sub)

Grade: B-

Work-Auster Force

Work-Auster Force MPL PH S7 Roster
Credit: Work-Auster Force

Unchanged: Unravel (Tank), 3MarTzy (Offlane), Chuuu (Marksman/Assassin), Kousei (Mage/Tank), rTzy (Mage/Support), Moht (Support)
In: N/A
Out: N/A

As the undefeated champions of the MPL PH S7 Main Qualifier, Work-Auster Force is looking to prove that their team is ready to compete in the big leagues.

The team was nothing short of dominant in the Main Qualifier. WORK racked up an incredible 3-0 sweep throughout the upper bracket, even defeating Laus Playbook Esports and ArkAngel.

Though not much is known about the new MPL team, they’ll be bringing in the second MPL Tzy duo with 3MarTzy and rTzy. It’ll be only a matter of time until we get a Tzy Brother rivalry with the reigning champs of Bren Esports.

Final roster: Unravel (Tank), 3MarTzy (Offlane), Chuuu (Marksman/Assassin), Kousei (Mage/Tank), rTzy (Mage/Support), Moht (Support)

Grade: B-

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