Bren Esports finally broke their playoffs curse with an incredible MPL PH S6 run. With the help of coach Francis “Duckey” Glindro, the team dominated the regular season and grabbed the organization’s second championship.

In a post-season interview, ONE Esports asked Bren superstar Karl Gabriel “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno what Season 6 has been like for him.

While the championship gave the entire team something to celebrate, it also gave KarlTzy an opportunity to defeat his previous team, Omega PH (formerly known as SGD Omega). But whereas fans and analysts might spin it as a potential grudge match for the player, KarlTzy saw the team as just another opponent to beat.

KarlTzy is already a talented player, but he still felt that Season 6 was an important growing experience for him. With the help of coach Duckey, the hypercarry strayed away from mindlessly grinding matches and opted to train smarter as a teammate for better results.

Despite being lauded as MPL PH’s undisputed best carry player, he does his best to keep humble because he believes there’s still more to accomplish.

“I feel happy that people think highly of me and also humbled because I know I can still improve,” said KarlTzy. “I’m not the best yet. Maybe when I win a World Championship and MSC, then I can say I’m the best carry.”

While KarlTzy comes through as the MPL PH S6 regular-season MVP, many other top PH players like Omega’s Hadjizy and NXP’s H2wo are still looking to measure up with the all-star player. Bren’s stat monster, however, believes that his only real competition is himself.

“I don’t think I’m challenged by these talented players because I do my own thing,” stated KarlTzy. “Coach Duckey taught me not to pressure myself to be the best — just to flex. I do my own thing with my teammates and I always try to surpass myself and that’s why I can grow and improve at my own pace.”

As a carry player, KarlTzy is known for his impressive use of Ling and Lancelot. Asked to share some quick tips for using these heroes, he said that he believes in playing the character with a mindful perspective, thinking about how you died and killed your opponents. He also suggested keeping an eye out for teammates who could give you space to control the map.

Last, but not least, we asked what Tzy meant in his in-game name.

“It’s equal to cool,” said the Bren carry.

Bren Esports next tournament will be the ONE Esports MPL Invitational, where they will face off against three other MPL champions, and 16 other teams for a US$100,000 prize pool.

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