Blacklist International is a team that hasn’t seen much success in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League, but their recent acquisition of dynamic duo Wise and OhmyV33nus might be their best break coming into the season.

In the latest episode of Bootcamp Raid, where casters visit boot camps of different MPL PH teams, Wise was asked how the team prepares for the upcoming MPL PH Season 7.

He then replies that it’s “all good” and warned other teams that Blacklist International is not just any other team, where it’s a walk in the park.

“If you end up competing against us unprepared, you guys are doomed,” he quipped with confidence.

The statement comes after Blacklist International won the recently concluded Juicy Legends Tournament 2021 Pro Division, defeating top MPL teams such as Nexplay Esports, rising stars Work Auster Force, and fan-favorites Execration.

Will Blacklist International keep the momentum going into week one of MPL PH Season?

Watch the full Bootcamp raid here.

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