Team Falcons recently became the latest addition to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Middle East and North Africa (MPL MENA).

This team brings together both seasoned and fresh players hailing from different countries such as Abdulaziz “Hulk” Sulaimani from Saudi Arabia, Mahmoud “Lio” Elsayed from Egypt, and Patrick “Lawtrick” Ciego from the Philippines.

At the helm of this new squad is Gian Carl “Behave” Lamintao, a seasoned coach with experience from his time at TODAK.

While having a diverse roster has its challenges, coach Behave shared in a press conference that he already has the blueprint to turn the team into a powerhouse in the upcoming season.

Coach Behave’s distinct approach to fostering team chemistry for Team Falcons

Team Falcons' MPL MENA Fall 2023 roster sneak peek
Credit: Moonton

While the team’s formal training hasn’t commenced as they have yet to meet up in person, Coach Behave has already assigned tasks to every member.

“Currently, we’re developing the players’ micro gameplay. Once we gather in person, I’ll organize their roles and macro strategies.”

When asked about the feasibility of building chemistry within a limited timeframe with the regular season fast approaching, he offered an intriguing perspective, something he has already implemented on the team.

“Chemistry goes beyond actual gameplay. Communication, team dynamics, and even the coordination for team fights are forged outside matches,” he added.

“It greatly depends on how well they bond. Strong relationships and shared time can potentially nurture positive chemistry in a matter of three days.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that the team is also currently working on its chemistry before the regular season begins on September 8.

M5 World Championship logo
Credit: ONE Esports

Coach Behave and the team is intensively preparing this season, as the eventual champion of this season will represent the region in the upcoming M5 World Championship, the biggest MLBB tournament, in the Philippines later this year.

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