Riot Games just dropped another aesthetically-pleasing skin line starring Xerath, Lucian, Camille, and Tahm Kench.

League of Legends’ new skin line is called Arcana, based on a tarot set’s Major Arcana cards. Each champion in this skin line is a personification of the events in selected tarot cards. The skin designs do have a touch of mystery in them and are heavily inspired by fortune-telling cards with symbols like crowns, stars, and the sun all over the official splash arts.

Arcana Xerath stands out from the rest of the pack, especially since this is the first time we’re seeing his human form. From his lore, fans would remember that the mage champion Xerath is a powerful magus taking the form of shards of a broken coffin. In this Arcana skin, Xerath’s shards have been transformed into a sturdy armor of golden color. Xerath himself is glowing in red with noticeable white hair, a ball of flame on his head, and a pair of huge horns.

League of Legends, Arcana skin, Xerath
Credit: Riot Games

Meanwhile, Lucian embodies the Justice tarot card by wearing striking red robes on top of a sleek black suit. Casting his ultimate lets out a deck of beautiful red cards that even card master Twisted Fate would surely envy.

League of Legends, Arcana skin, Lucian
Credit: Riot Games

Camille’s Arcana splash art is simply amazing, and so is her actual skin. It shows her in this gorgeous black pantsuit with a gold and crimson headpiece that match her deep red eyes. First her daunting Stargazer skin in Wild Rift, now this? Camille, you’re killing us!

League of Legends, Arcana skin, Camille
Credit: Riot Games

Arguably the best skin in this set so far, Arcana Tahm Kench’s design is such an eye-candy. His sinister vibe is gone, replaced by this monstrous royalty that resembles the Emperor tarot card. From the splash art down to the particle effect, Arcana Tahm Kench now rules our hearts.

League of Legends, Arcana skin, Tahm Kench
Credit: Riot Games

These are the champions and their equivalent Major Arcana tarot cards as seen on their recall animations and as fans on Reddit have theorized:

  • Arcana Xerath – Arcana I (The Magician)
  • Arcana Lucian – Arcana VII (Justice)
  • Arcana Camille – Arcana XVIII (The Moon)
  • Arcana Tahm Kench – Arcana IV (The Emperor)
League of Legends, Arcana skins, Tahm Kench, Camille, Lucian, Xerath
Credit: Skin Spotlights/ Riot Games

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