Employees at Riot Games aren’t happy, and it’s showing.

There was talk of a walkout, even as the League of Legends developer moved last Friday to end some of the lawsuits filed in response to an earlier report by Kotaku over the company’s culture of sexism, and this has not sat well with them, according to Waypoint.

The news of the walkout has reached Riot Games’ chief diversity officer Angela Roseboro, who immediately took action, and she has invited employees to attend an organized forum taking place this week.

“We want to open up a dialogue on Monday and invite Rioters to join us for small group sessions where we can talk through your concerns, and provide as much context as we can about where we’ve landed and why,” said Roseboro in a message obtained by Waypoint.

Riot Games also later issued a statement by CEO Nicolo Laurent, stating that the company “always want Rioters to have the opportunity to be heard” and will be sitting down them employees to “learn more about their perspectives on arbitration”.

“We will also be discussing this topic during our biweekly all-company town hall on Thursday. Both are important forums for us to discuss our current policy and listen to Rioter feedback, which are both important parts of evaluating all of our procedures and policies, including those related to arbitration,” said Laurent.

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