You’re going to love the new and improved Rift Herald in League of Legends preseason 2024.

The existing Herald is a little underwhelming. We see it most utilized in pro play where teams choose to fight over it in the early to mid game before Baron spawns.

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Once the Eye of the Herald is obtained, the player who retrieves it gains empowered recall and the ability to summon the monster to push a lane.

In the new season, which packs a bunch of other changes, she is not only getting a face-lift, but also significantly more interactive gameplay.

Rift Herald gives you agency to steer tempo in League of Legends preseason 2024

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Preseason void changes affect all major monsters on the map.

The first Rift Herald is replaced by Voidgrubs, a new early game objective, so expect to her appear after.

Once you take her down as per usual and grab the Eye, you can summon her — but with added effects: the user or an allied champion can right-click the Rift Herald and jump onto it.

League of Legends Rift Herald in preseason 2024 normal view
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

The player will then be able to steer the Herald and command it to charge forward, damaging and knocking up any enemy champions in its path.

If players charge the Rift Herald into a turret, it will do even more damage than if the Rift Herald charged into it without being controlled.

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After colliding with terrain or a turret, the champion riding the Rift Herald will be knocked out and return to the map in their original champion form.

League of Legends Rift Herald in preseason 2024 aggro view
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

This mechanic is similar Johnson’s ultimate in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Called Full Throttle, the tank support hero transforms into a car that accelerates over time. Any one of his allies can choose to hop in to enjoy the ride.

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When the car hits an enemy hero or obstacle, it deals damage, stuns enemy heroes, and creates a damaging zone at the location.

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