Esports venues may be off-limits for now due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but a certain summoner has special access to her very own gaming arena.

Redditor and League of Legends fan u/meowbly just built her own version of the LCS studio in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It comes complete with equipment such as broadcast cameras, studio lights, computers, gaming chairs, LCD TVs, and even numerous servers. In her version, however, the playing stage can only accommodate four players per team because of space limitations.

The whole setup cost about 4 million bells with each server priced at a whopping 100,000 bells.

In the Reddit thread, u/meowbly revealed that her inspiration to build the arena came from one of her favorite memories, which was the time she attended the 2016 League of Legends NA Championships in Las Vegas. She fondly remembers being stuck inside an elevator with one of Team Liquid‘s (TL) members after TL suffered a loss that day.

“It was the most awkward elevator ride of my life because we were in cosplay and obviously had seen what happened. Before the game, we were actually stopped and invited to a Team Liquid afterparty at a bar but we decided against going,’ said the Redditor.

Earlier this year, LCS commissioner Chris Greeley took some precautionary measures to ensure the health of LCS players, audience, and staff against COVID-19. First he suspended live audiences from the LCS studio, and later on held the rest of the Split and its Finals online.

Cloud9 later bagged the LCS 2020 Spring Championship after running a 3-0 sweep over FlyQuest.

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