T1 Rekkles made his debut in the LCK CL Spring 2024 (League of Legends Champions Korea Challengers League) during the opening day of the regular season.

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He made his first appearance in the Korean league, competing in a best-of-three series alongside his new team, T1 Academy, against Kwangdong Freecs Academy.

T1 Rekkles makes LCK CL Spring 2024 debut — here’s how well he did

In T1 Rekkles’ debut game in the LCK CL, he performed exceptionally well, particularly highlighting his mastery of Senna. During the early game, he, along with his bot lane partner Sin “Smash” Geum-jae’s Caitlyn, dominated the lane, securing a double kill for Smash and eventually taking down the enemy turret.

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In the mid game, he landed a two-man Dawning Shadow, which helped T1 Academy pushed mid lane and finish the game in less than 30 minutes.

In the first game, T1 Rekkles secured the Play of the Game with a KDA of 4/0/6 and a 90.9% kill participation.

T1 Rekkles debut game at LCK CL Spring 2024
Credit: LCK

Unfortunately, T1 Academy faced challenges in the second game. Constantly finding themselves in difficult situations and losing consecutive teamfights, the team had a rough beginning.

Although there was a positive turn in the late game when T1 Academy successfully took down the outer mid lane turret by the 30-minute mark, their hopes for victory were shattered by a backdoor play from Kwangdong Freecs Academy mid laner Lee “Pungyeon” Jong-hyuk’s Azir.

In the decisive match between Kwangdong Freecs Academy and T1 Academy, both teams fought fiercely for their first series win in the LCK CL Spring season.

T1 Academy secured victories in teamfights but suffered losses in turret objectives. A turning point came when, by the 24-minute mark, T1 triumphed in a crucial clash in their bot lane jungle, followed by the successful takedown of Baron Nashor.

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However, the tide turned after a clash in the mid lane, where Kwangdong Freecs Academy wiped out the entire T1 Academy team. This outcome marked not only a defeat for T1 in the series but also a setback for T1 Rekkles in his debut game.

Despite T1 Academy’s series loss, T1 Rekkles consistently maintained a positive KDA throughout all three games.

Before joining the LCK CL, Rekkles had a distinguished career in the European League of Legends scene, notably playing for renowned teams such as Fnatic. He served as a bot laner for over a decade, from 2012 to 2023, before making a transition to the support role.

During the 2023 off-season, Rekkles announced his shift from the European league to the Korean league, where he joined T1’s academy team.

The primary motivation behind this significant move was Rekkles’ belief that joining T1 would provide him with the best opportunities to achieve the highest level of excellence in his career.

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