You may have seen the legendary mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok countless times in his iconic black, red, and white esports jersey. But have you ever witnessed him donning a suit and tie?

Beyond the esports spotlight, T1 Faker showcases his formal attire through a collaboration with men’s magazine GQ Korea and the fashion brand Polo Ralph Lauren.

T1 Faker shows his dashing side in a collaboration with GQ Korea and Ralph Lauren

Faker looked absolutely stunning in a chalk-stripe wool flannel suit, which was custom-fitted for him, as shown in the short video.

T1 Faker wearing custom Polo Ralph Lauren for GQ Korea
Credit: GQ Korea

Taking a closer look at the suit, you’ll notice an embroidery of Faker’s player name just above one of the inner pockets.

t1 Faker's custom Polo Ralph Lauren suit with his name embroidered on the inner part
Credit: GQ Korea

In a brief interview, he discussed his fondness for the suit and shared some thoughts on the upcoming Worlds 2023 competition.

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As translated by T1 fan Jade on X, he said, “They call me ‘the Greatest of All Time,’ and I’ll continue to work hard to maintain that title.”

Additionally, other members of T1’s player roster were also dressed in Polo Ralph Lauren suits, creating a stylish pictorial for the magazine.

T1 players Faker, Zeus, Oner, Keria, Gumayusi for GQ Korea
Credit: GQ Korea

Watch GQ Korea’s full feature on Faker below:

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