League of Legends streamer and former professional player Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi is planning to make an esports comeback next year.

The 26-year old American bot laner might return to the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) come 2021 but only to a team where he’d make the right fit.

“I think I will be more actively looking for a pro play opportunity coming up for next year. If I don’t find the right one then I won’t play, but it’s not like I’m looking for a team to join that’s like guaranteed gonna win or anything,” said Sneaky in an interview with host Travis Gafford.

“Next year for sure looking, not guaranteed joining or anything. Maybe nobody wants me, I don’t know,” wondered Sneaky.

Sneaky also clarified that he has been “detached” from his esports organization Cloud9, and is only connected through his equity stakes from the company.

He also said that he is actually excited to watch this year’s World Championship (Worlds) as a spectator for the first time in a while.

“I was watching one of the VODs, and I actually realized there’s a lot of games I missed out on watching because we’re doing stuff as a team at Worlds.”

The 2020 Worlds is set to start next month, September, at Shanghai, China.

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