Despite only being released a few weeks ago, League of Legends’ newest champion, Sett, is already being targeted for nerfs in the upcoming 10.3 patch.

Lead gameplay designer, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, published a list of characters and game features he plans to nerf and buff, with Sett topping the nerf list:

Likely nerfs include scaling adjustments for his ultimate The Show Stopper, which currently hits for +60% of the grabbed enemy’s health.

We may see the number go down to about 45-50% to make him more tolerable in the Rift.

Some other names on the nerf list include recently released champions Senna and Aphelios. As a support marksman, Senna gives considerable damage and healing abilities in the bot lane.

Scruffy noted that Senna ADR was the issue so they may decrease her damage output. As for Aphelios, Scruffy hinted at a possible reduction to his max range.

Aside from the nerfs, Riot is buffing a few champions in the upcoming patch. Champions like Galio, Azir, and Ezreal are receiving buffs, but Scruffy did not specify any details.

Interestingly enough, Scruffy listed “Jungle XP” as the top priority on the buff list. This could mean that Riot is adding a bit more XP from killing monsters, speeding the process of reaching level 6 for ult-heavy champs like Warwick and Fiddlesticks.

The League of Legends 10.3 patch will go live on February 5.

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