After two seasons, Rod of Ages is finally back in the game. Unfortunately, it is no longer purple.

Nonetheless, mid lane’s favorite AP scaling item is already making a splash, and will likely have an even bigger impact in League of Legends patch 13.1.

Riot Games recognized that the item was “still a bit weak” despite its lowered cost in patch 12.22.

“We’re shipping some small buffs this patch aimed at the item’s immediate power spike as a stat stick while also making the Move Speed more noticeable and effective,” the game developers explained.

The winners of these buffs are none other than AP scaling mid laners who jumped back into the meta with positive win rates at the start of the new season.

Rod of Ages just got buffed in League of Legends patch 13.1

Rod of Ages AP item in League of Legends season 13
Credit: Riot Games
  • Health increased from 300 to 400
  • Eternity Move Speed Proc Requirement: Reduced from 250 Healing or Mana Restoration to 200 Healing or Mana Restoration
  • Eternity Bonus Move Speed Amount increased from 25% to 35%
  • Move Speed Duration increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds
  • (Updated) Move Speed Decay: Move speed gained from Eternity now decays more slowly

Passive – Eternity

  • Percent of Pre-Mitigation Damage Received Restored as Mana decreased from 8% to 7%
  • Percent of Mana Cost Spent Restored as Health increased from 20% to 25%
  • Maximum Heal per Cast/Second (for Toggled Abilities) increased from 15 to 20

For the same lowered cost of 2800 gold, Rod of Ages now grants an extra 100 health, increased Eternity bonus move speed, and more health restored, which is totally value for money.

“We’re also making adjustments to the Eternity passive as it’s currently skewing too far towards taking damage (and restoring mana) versus casting spells (and healing),” Riot wrote in the patch notes.

This means that mages who build this item will find it slightly easier to position and weave about in team fights, with added survivability.

Notably, Kassadin already has a very positive 52.56% win rate and 10.9% pick rate in Platinum rank and above, according to Mobalytics at the time of writing, which puts him in S+ tier. Combined with Archangels’ Staff — which also received a buff this patch, granting more Ability Power and Ability Haste — he is at the epitome of AP scaling, and hurts a lot in the late game.

Anivia benefits from the same build path as Kassadin, and also has a very positive 52.53% win rate. Ryze is currently holding a 50.11% win rate in mid lane.

The full League of Legends patch 13.1 notes can be found here. Follow ONE Esports on Twitter for more LoL interviews, news, and more.

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