Riot has previewed some of the cyberpunk skins for the highly-anticipated upcoming PROJECT: Reckoning event.

Two days ago, Riot posted a trailer for the event showing a dystopian futuristic setting. We know that heroes Akali, Pyke, Jinx, Irelia, and Warwick, will be involved and that the story will revolve around how the five cyborg champions were created by the PROJECT Corporation and then abandoned.

Now we’re getting our first look at some of the skins:

Pyke’s skin looks is a standout with red and black effects and a cybernetic Terminator feel to it. His recall animation looks particularly amazing and has him summon a giant mechanical sea monster and jump into its mouth.

Riot also previewed a Prestige skin for Irelia with stunning gold animations:

Expect more details on PROJECT: Reckoning skins, icons, and exclusive missions in the coming days.

PROJECT: Reckoning is expected to launch with Patch 9.15 in August.

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