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Worlds 2023 champions T1 are set to go head-to-head with the top European teams in Red Bull League of Its Own.

This offline League of Legends showmatch promises an electrifying clash between the legendary LCK team and the best teams from the EMEA region.

Making their way to Berlin, Germany, the South Korean powerhouse will once again showcase their skills and strategy on the international stage.

What is Red Bull League of Its Own?

Red Bull League of Its Own is a League of Legends invitational organized by Red Bull Gaming. It brings forth legendary teams from across Europe.

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For fans of the local scene, the rivalry between BIG and Eintracht Spandau is reignited as they compete against each other for the chance to take on T1.

Adding to the excitement, Germany’s popular League of Legends streamers, NNO Old, who join in the action in Berlin.

The lineup also includes League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) teams Team Heretics, Karmine Corp, and G2 Esports.

Red Bull League of Its Own schedule and results

December 9

BIG1 — 0Eintracht Spandau
BIG0 — 1T1
NNO Old0 — 1T1
NNO Old0 — 1Karmine Corp
T11 — 0Karmine Corp
T11 — 0Team Heretics
T10 — 1G2 Esports

Red Bull League of Its Own participating teams

Red Bull League of its Own team T1
Credit: Red Bull Gaming, T1
  • T1
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Heretics
  • Karmine Corp
  • NNO Old
  • Big
  • Eintracht Spandau

Red Bull League of Its Own format

T1 is restricted from selecting any champions that have been used in previous matches, excluding bans and non-T1 matches.

However, teams playing against T1 are not subject to this restriction and can choose from all available champions.

Red Bull League of Its Own poster
Credit: Red Bull Gaming

It’s important to note that these rules are applied specifically for the final match between T1 and G2 Esports.

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Where to watch Red Bull League of Its Own

Fans can watch Red Bull League of Its Own on Red Bull’s Twitch channel.

The match between BIG and Eintracht Spandau is only viewable on the German Twitch stream.

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