Riot Games has unveiled new details about Project L, the game developer’s highly anticipated fighting game.

The new Project L game mode offers players a range of multiplayer options, including 1v1, 2v2, and a unique 1v2 experience. 

The game’s Executive Producer, Tom Cannon, elaborated on the “duo play system” in Riot Games’ latest dev diary video, providing more information about the fighting game that features League of Legends champions.

Cannon also revealed that Project L will have working demo booths at Evo 2023’s show floor, set to take place from August 3 to 5, 2023.

New Project L game mode and fuse system explained

According to Cannon, Riot Games is excited to bring “something new” to the genre, striving to “unlock new kinds of fun for fighting game fans.”

Project L sets itself apart from traditional tag-based fighting games by introducing a captivating 2v2 team-based fighting game format. The duo play system means that teams of two players can face off together in the same match, with each player controlling a single champion.

Project L’s Game Director, Shawn Rivera, along with Core Rules designer and former fighting game pro, Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago, clarified that the game’s duo play system operates similarly to tag-team wrestling.

Screenshot taken from Riot Games' Project L Dev Diary video that was posted on July 27
Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

“One player controls the champion on stage, and the other, waits offscreen for their teammate to find the right moment to tag them in,” said Rivera.

Performing combos together and saving your partner in a clutch moment are some of the gameplay mechanics players can experience as a duo.

The video also explained that Riot Games designed Project L’s system to feel rewarding for players on and off-screen. Before players start a match, each team can customize how their champions play with what Riot Games calls the fuse system.

“With fuses, you can choose between powerful synergies that change up your duo’s playstyle and really allow player expression to shine,” said Rivera.

The “2x assist fuse,” in particular, will allow teams to throw two assists back-to-back, instead of just one. With each champion having two assists, some of which can be charged up, players will be able to showcase their creativity when creating elaborate combos.

Riot Games also debuted Project L’s first full match. You can see the 2v2 match watch below.

There is still no announcement regarding Project L’s release date.

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