League of Legends sharpshooters Ashe and Jhin are back at the Riot Games Store with their very own restocked Unlocked Statues.

These Unlocked Statues are a part of Riot Games’ own line of detailed, high-quality League of Legends figures in their default costumes and special skins.

The Ashe Unlocked Statue was first released five years ago, and is the very first Unlocked Statue in the series, box number 001. It shows the Frost Archer in her original, Freljordian look with her signature bow and quiver of arrows.

League of Legends, Ashe, Unlocked Statues, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Meanwhile, the Jhin Unlocked Statue was released just last year. It is number 014 in the series (launched a little earlier than the Miss Fortune Unlocked Statue) and presents the Ionian champion in detailed fashion.

League of Legends, Jhin, Unlocked Statues, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

There’s even a rose on his base stand, a true testament to his artistic side.

Both the Ashe Unlocked Statue and the Jhin Unlocked Statue are priced at US$75 apiece and can be purchased through the Riot Games Store.

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