Besides being an outstanding AD carry, Top Esports superstar Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo is now also a high-end fashion model. Dior’s Weibo page showcased the campaign with photos of JackeyLove wearing their brand new ESSENTIALS menswear collection.

In dramatic fashion, they called JackeyLove a good friend, and listed his League of Legends esports achievements to highlight the statue of this LPL pro player. Wearing a pure white sweater with the “Christian Dior Atelier” logo printed on the front, it was paired with tailored jeans and bright white shoes.

To top off the street style look, JackyLove also swung a safari printed pouch over his right shoulder. Putting one leg over the other, he posed with a brutish but relaxed look in an office chair.

In a close up black and white shot, he’s also seen staring into a bag of water that looks like it contains a mysterious looking fish. I guess that’s high fashion for you.

JackyLove is no stranger to high-end brands. Last year in 2019, he was seen wearing Louis Vuitton and a Christian Dior Atelier silk tie to the LPL All-Star event, and was already showing off his model gaze. What a natural!

The full Dior ESSENTIALS collection released in China is available now.

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