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Out of 17 teams, the top 10 are in the LPL Summer 2023 playoffs.

After seven weeks of competition with matches happening every single day of the week, China’s League of Legends Pro League (LPL) playoffs will determine the top four teams that will represent the region at Worlds 2023.

The usual 10 weeks of competition was compressed due to the upcoming Asian Games 2023, which will take place in September.

The top two teams from the regular season, JD Gaming and Bilibili Gaming — who were also the region’s representatives at MSI 2023 — were given a bye to Round 4.

What is the LPL Summer 2023 playoffs?

The 2023 LPL Summer playoffs see the top 10 performing teams that qualified from the regular season battle it out for the second and last LPL title of the year, as well as Worlds 2023 qualification.

LPL Spring 2023 was won by JD Gaming, who not only represented the region at MSI 2023, but also won their very first MSI title.

LPL Summer 2023 playoffs format

LPL Summer 2023 playoffs schedule and format
Credit: LPL

The LPL Summer 2023 playoffs run from July 20 to August 5, 2023.

The first three rounds of the LPL Summer 2023 playoffs adopts a King of the Hill format.

Based on their position in the regular season, teams will face off against each other on opposite sides of the bracket. The 8th and 9th placed teams will go up against each other on one side, while the 7th and 10th placed teams will be on the other.

Teams that finished in sixth place and above are given byes to succeeding rounds.

From Round 4 onward, the playoffs switch to a double-elimination format, which gives the top four teams two chances to make it to the grand final.

All matches are best-of-fives.

LPL Summer 2023 playoffs schedule and results

Round 1 (July 20)

Edward Gaming3 — 1Team WE

Team WE have been eliminated.

Round 1 (July 21)

Royal Never Give Up1 — 3Ninjas in Pyjamas

Royal Never Give Up have been eliminated.

Round 2 (July 22)

Oh My God2 — 3Edward Gaming

Oh My God have been eliminated.

Round 2 (July 23)

Weibo Gaming3 — 1Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas have been eliminated.

Round 3 (July 24)

Top Esports3 — 2Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming have been eliminated.

Round 3 (July 25)

LNG Esports3 — 2Weibo Gaming

Weibo Gaming have been eliminated.

Upper bracket quarterfinals (July 26)

Bilibili Gaming3 — 1Top Esports

Upper bracket quarterfinals (July 27)

JD Gaming3 — 2LNG Esports

Lower bracket semifinals (July 29)

Top Esports1 — 3LNG Esports

Top Esports have been eliminated.

Upper bracket semifinals (July 30)

Bilibili Gaming0 — 3JD Gaming

JD Gaming qualifies for Worlds 2023.

Lower bracket finals (August 1)

LNG Esports3 — 1Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili Gaming have been eliminated.

Grand final (August 5)

JD Gaming3 — 2LNG Esports

JD Gaming are your LPL Summer 2023 champions and first seed at Worlds 2023.

Bilibili Gaming qualifies for Worlds 2023 as second seed via championship points.

All teams qualified for LPL Summer 2023 playoffs

MSI 2023 Bracket stage hopefuls Bilibili Gaming
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
⁠Bilibili Gaming15 — 1Round 4
JD Gaming14 — 2Round 4
LNG Esports12 — 4Round 3
Top Esports12 — 4Round 3
Oh My God11 — 5Round 2
Weibo Gaming10 — 6Round 2
Edward Gaming8 — 8Round 1
Royal Never Give Up8 — 8Round 1
Team WE7 — 9Round 1
⁠Ninjas in Pyjamas7 — 9Round 1

LPL Summer 2023 playoffs championship points distribution

1stWorlds 2023 qualification (first seed)

Where to watch the LPL Summer 2023 playoffs

Watch the LPL livestream on its official Twitch and YouTube channels.

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