The latest Champion Spotlight released by Riot Games highlighted the rework to one of the game’s oldest champions — Kayle the Righteous.

The Spotlight goes into detail on Kayle’s new form and showcases a lot of her kit in action. The champion has always been a hybrid — relying on both ability power and physical attacks to deal damage.

Kayle’s new kit utilizes that aspect of her identity as a champion with interesting twists, including an all-new 4-part evolution system that is tied to her levels.

Kayle’s bread and butter spell Righteous Fury, which previously turned her melee range attacks into area-of-effect long range ones, is now split between two parts in her passive ability and her new Starfire Spellblade.

The passive is by far the most interesting part of her rework, as Kayle begins as a pretty regular melee champ until turns into a lategame beast with enough levels. Once she reaches level 16, Kayle becomes ranged and deals area-of-effect true damage — a damage type that ignores defenses altogether.

The new Kayle is shaping up to be a champion that you definitely want to take down early and often. You can read up further on her rework on the League of Legends website’s official champion reveal.

The release of Kayle’s rework will most likely come in the next patch, though there has been no official announcement yet of when that will arrive.