As the beginning of the Summer season approaches, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has decided to return to live production at the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany.

Only a “skeleton production crew” will be deployed in time for the 2020 Summer Split Week 1, according to Riot Games’ Head of Esports for Europe Alberto “Tiroless” Guerrero.

To start the season, teams will continue playing remotely from their training facilities, however, the plan is to eventually return everyone to the studio over the course of the Summer Season.

The League is not taking any chances with the COVID-19 pandemic still around, hence the gradual approach for the return of its studio production.

“We will start with a minimal approach to keep the risk low and allow for a slow ramp-up in a controlled environment,” said Tiroless.

For now, there are no updates on when live audience will be allowed to return to the LEC Studio.

The LEC started to play its matches online around late March during the Spring Split Week 8 after the COVID-19 broke out. Since matches were done remotely, the League implemented a variety of measures to ensure that the integrity of the competition will be kept.

Meanwhile, the LEC has also canceled its plans to host the Summer Finals originally set in Malmö, Sweden.

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