Day 2 of the Worlds 2021 Play-In stage kicked off with a match between LCK’s fourth seed Hanwha Life Esports and Oceanic representatives PEACE.

During the draft, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon received two bans in the first phase after PEACE took out Tryndamere and LeBlanc. After all, the star mid laner has been enthusiastically practicing Tryndamere mid in solo queue, and brought him out in their opening Worlds 2021 match against LNG Esports.

In the second phase, PEACE went all out, and banned another two of Chovy’s champions, brothers Yone and Yasuo, signaling that they were very wary of Hanwha Life Esports’ star mid laner.

Worlds 2021 Play-In stage: Hanwha Life Esports’ Chovy received four mid lane bans from PEACE

Worlds 2021 Play-Ins match between PEACE and Hanwha Life Esports in draft phase
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Though Hanwha Life Esports lost to LPL’s fourth seed LNG Esports, they pulled a fast game against Infinity Esports, and were looking for their second win against PEACE on Day 2.

Settling on scaling control mage Azir, Chovy, within the first three minutes of the game, stunned with a solo kill on James “Tally” Shute’s Irelia.

Taking the lead in kills and gold, Hanwha Life played a steady game of League of Legends. They secured all four dragons, Mountain Soul, and methodically pushed in to seal the deal with Baron buff at the 27-minute mark with a 10,000 gold lead.

In the post-game broadcast interview on the Mandarin stream, LPL trilingual translator Wendy asked Chovy what he thought about the four mid lane champion bans.

“The opposing team used a lot of bans on me, so I’m quite happy because they acknowledge my competitive strength,” Chovy replied. “At the same time, I don’t think this affects us much, for we can use many different champions in the mid lane to round off the draft.”

Wendy also asked if he’s looking forward to meeting any particular player or team here at Worlds 2021.

“Actually this time at Worlds, we’ve already faced LNG Esports but didn’t produce a very good outcome. I want to meet them again and get a victory against them,” said Chovy.

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