After seven years of competing in the LCS, Greyson “Goldernglue” Gilmer has finally announced his retirement from professional play. The American mid-laner posted a Twitlonger as his official announcement.

His post explained his time in the NA region as a life-defining experience. Goldenglue started his passion for League play in the game’s first season as a 14-year-old and continued his journey as a more devoted pro-player by the age of 17.

Throughout his career, the mid-laner bounced back and forth from fourteen different teams and admitted that it’s unfortunate that he was never able to build a legacy in one franchise.

While he was never NA’s best player, Goldenglue was a homegrown favorite amongst the wave of import mid-laners that currently dominate the NA region.

While his time as a pro player has ended, the 24-year-old will still continue his time in the competitive scene as the head coach of 100 Thieves’ Academy team. Coach Goldenglue will be handling the likes of Tommy “Ryoma” Le and Philippe “Poome” Lavoie-Giguere who have also had some time playing in the LCS.

“I didn’t get to achieve everything I wanted to in my career as a player,” said Goldenglue. “I intend on channeling that unmet energy into fueling and propelling the next generation of players; letting them learn from my experiences, mistakes, and lessons I had to learn the hard way.”

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