G2 Esports’ jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski has defended their co-LEC team Fnatic against some hateful comments on Reddit.

The 23-year old Polish player commended Fnatic during one of his live streams a day after G2’s huge win in the LEC Summer Split 2020. Jankos told his viewers that Fnatic is still a good contender for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) despite losing 0-3 in their recent series. He also encouraged fans to be more supportive of players rather than spreading negativity especially during the season.

“After this season ends, you can be like ‘I am not happy with this, this, or this player,’ that’s fine. But during the season you should be rather supportive because even though they (Fnatic) lost to us and people are like ‘Oh this man is [expletive], replace him.’ Whatever, you know. Team knows better than you so if team feels like they should replace him, they will,” said Jankos.

“You shouldn’t really like, lash out on the players because no matter what they will still play with that roster until at the end of the year, you know.”

Jankos revealed that he had already experienced being in Fnatic’s shoes before as one of the group’s players who got bashed by toxic comments on social media.

“When we lost to Fnatic, you know how many messages I got about I should retire, and I’m too old, and I’m so bad, and I should just like kill myself. I was really shocked,” confessed Jankos.

Additionally, he also shared his experience about how he got inspired by LCS Summer Champions Team SoloMid (TSM)‘s Shen draft and how G2 tried out this team composition for the first time.

“Sometimes you just have this feeling,” said Jankos. “You just have this feeling that something has to work and will work.”

Being the funny guy that he was, Jankos even brought up G2’s tragic loss against FunPlus Phoenix during last year’s Worlds and had a good laugh about it before starting his scrims.

Fans will be seeing Jankos together with his team G2 Esports compete against the best LoL teams around the globe at Worlds this September 25 in Shanghai, China.

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